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Lately, I have been praying a lot, asking for God's wisdom as we raise our girls!  What a tremendous responsibility it is to raise daughters of the King!  As I was praying with a mommy friend the other day, she prayed that God would show them wisdom in bringing up strong men.  My heart leaped!!! That is JUST what a "girl mom" wants to hear... that there are parents out there raising up STRONG men of God!!

But then, it got me to thinking.  Am I doing my part?  Am I seeking His wisdom in raising daughters of the king?

Sure we pray with our girls, we try to teach them morally and ethically correct behavior, we teach them to mind and obey, to treat others with respect, etc.... but is that really raising a daughter of the king?

God led me to Proverbs.  Do you ever have God lead you to scripture?  Sometimes I don't pay attention and when that happens, it's as if I see that book, or topic of the intended scripture everywhere, bringing it to mind.  God is pretty cool like that.  He will whisper quietly, then if we don't listen, he will continue to get a bit louder until there is no denying His voice!

As I read Proverbs 14, I feel I have been so foolish more than I have been wise.  I want to teach my girls wisdom.  I would like to teach them how to build their home up, not tear it down.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels like you can relate to the later part of that instruction.  Do you ever feel like everything is just falling apart?  I've so been there.

But what does it really mean to be foolish, tearing down your own home or wise, building it up with your own hands?

The scripture actually paints a pretty clear picture in the following verses. 

This is similar to something I would typically create in my journal!  I encourage you,
especially when God leads you to a certain spot in His word, to really break the
passages down and dissect them.  Get everything out you can!
So as I see my almost 3 year old, so full of pride, lashing out in tantrums.  Or reacting quickly in anger, or attempting to deceive me.  It is my calling as her mom to help her to realize that these are not qualities a Daughter of the King, a WISE girl, should posses. 

So how do we teach our daughters (and ourselves) to replace bitterness with joy.  quick tempered with patience.  deceit with truth.  envy with a peaceful heart.  mocking with honor.  How do I teach my girls to have lips that protect and a heart that fears the Lord? 

Honestly.  I think it varies from day to day and circumstance to circumstance.  But we will be tested.  The enemy would love nothing more than to see our girls, and us mamas for that matter, on that left column vs the right. 

A scripture I've been trying to teach Harper lately:

James 1:19-20, "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires."

My prayer is that God will show me, directing my steps, in how to raise our girls with wisdom.  To show me ways to relay His knowledge and understanding... His heart.

It is a huge privilege and an even bigger responsibility. 

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