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So, do you ever look at your blog stats?  I rarely do. 
But I happened upon mine today... which led me to some of my old blogs.

Someone had happened upon a few of my blog posts from 2012 and were in the stats where it shows you what posts have been read recently.  And oh my goodness.  I REALLY enjoyed reading them all!! Especially my posts where I use to link up with "happy wives club" on the things we loved/love most about our husbands. 

As I was reading them, I thought. wow.  This was SO cool!  What a great place this put my mind! 

I was reading a chapter in a book the other day, about a secret to a marriage where you are still in love after 50 years + of marriage.  This author (Becky Thompson) had asked her dad.  And her dad had told her that he wakes up every day like it is the very first day he has every loved his wife.  No record of wrongs.  No skeletons in the closet.  He starts fresh everyday. 

Now at first, I was like - wait.  I love Rob MORE because of our journey, because of all we've been through and overcome TOGETHER.  Our love is stronger now than it was 6 years ago.  So why would I want to wake up as it was the first day of marriage every day?  But then it clicked.  The new love.  The new ooey, gooey, puppy love.  The new kind.  And I got it.  That and full forgiveness.  There is no way to hold any bitterness or lack of forgiveness in your heart if you are determined to love like it is your first day of marriage.  It's like the best of both worlds... loving like it's your first day of marriage with the history and strength of years of love behind you!

She went on to talk about being excited for your spouse to come home everyday... to see them, not for them to help with the kids. (ouch! am I right?!).  Now granted I am always SO excited for Rob to be home from work, but lets be honest, some days its because the girls are driving me a bit cray-cray.  and I want help with dinner time and bath time and bed time.  

Anyway, so you put these two things together and I really want to start a NEW list of "why I love my husband."  I contemplated doing a "why I love my family"  Or "why I love my husband" and then a "why I love my girls."  That just goes to show how all encompassing being a mom is. You are ALWAYS thinking of your kids.  Am I right?  But Then I remembered.  No.  Marriage first, Carrie.  This is something to do for your MARRIAGE.  which will ultimately benefit our family as a whole.  we know this. 

Do you want to join in?  Make your own list!  Let me know... I'd love to read it and support your blog! ♥

So here we go... The beginning.   Let's start with 5 reasons today....

I love my husband because...

1.  He loves and lives to serve Christ. 

2.  He takes time for things he knows are important to me and important to my heart.  In example, searching high and low THE WEEK OF CHRISTMAS, for Christmas PJ's for Hayden's Christmas Eve Surprise, because he knew it was important to me.  

3.  He asks me what I need.  He literally will ask me what I need in our marriage and what he can do better.  Let's be honest.  Sometimes I'm too scared to ask him the same question. ha.  

4.  He leads our family.  Pure and simple.  He leads us daily.  

5.  He is my best friend.  He is who I want to talk to if I'm sad or happy.  He's my go to.  He's my person. 

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