•Thanksgiving Recap•

We hosted Thanksgiving this year, and it was so fun!!

Our house was filled with yummy smells, yummy food, and wonderful family!  We spent most of the day cooking and preparing, then enjoyed such a great meal!  The girls were wiped.  We were wiped as well.  But it was a great holiday!

Thankful for a decent size kitchen where all four of us
could be cooking!

At the end of the day we were all tired!  Including the cat!


  1. You have a BEAUTIFUL family! ❤️ The holidays are always so busy aren't they! I already need a nap thinking about Christmas day:-)!!

  2. aw. thank you so much!!!! Yes I agree! And throw in winter sniffles, coughs, and colds and it is ONE STRESSFUL SEASON! But I am so thankful! ♥ Thank you for reading my blog!! ♥♥♥