{gasp... the election... }

I have greatly avoided most political banter both on social media as well as in person. 

Now let me stop there.  Just because you may disagree with me.  Just because we might believe differently doesn't mean anything to me.  I love you the same.  I treasure you the same.  I respect your opinion.  Please do the same for me. There has been enough anger and resentment to last a life time due to this political season.  It is truly about respect - the respect of people's differences. 

I do believe Christians who believe the Bible as truth have a responsibility.  and that is to pray for this nation.  To vote for biblical truths. 

However, no one is changing anyone's minds.  That is in NO way the point of this post.

I watched a video today that stirred my heart.  It was a video by Franklin Graham and wow.  His call to our nation, his encouragement for Christians is just so moving.

I truly feel there is an anointed candidate in this race.  And because of that, that will be who I'm voting for.  Do I believe this person is a wonderful upstanding individual - no, I didn't say that.  Many a leader has been brought forward through God's favor an anointed, used, and worked to the glory of God without them being a saint.  To think otherwise is limiting my savior.  There are no limits.  And with saying that - if I'm wrong and His favor is shown to a different candidate, my opinion on this won't change.  It is about God's plan.  Not what we feel is right.  Who we feel is the right person.  Christians are praying.  They are praying for this nation, possibly more so than ever before.  God delights in those prayers.  He honors those prayers.  I truly believe His will will be done in this election. 

Personally, I feel the happenings of the last two weeks have been His hand unfolding.

If the outcome of this election is what I feel it is going to be... I truly feel that you will see Christian individuals and Christian organizations rise up.  Move to the front lines.  And no.  I'm not talking about the wack-a-doodles professing to be Christ followers.  I am speaking of those of us that strive to speak, walk, act, and live daily in love and acceptance of those different than us.  Those of us who serve the one true God - those of us who are not tied up in the legality of legalistic religion. (& yes the repetition of the form of legalistic is very much needed in that sentence...am I right?!).

I believe we will see morality seep its way back into the American spirit.  And I'm praying we will once again see unity.  I pray that we will see healing in our nation. In my heart I feel we are at a turning point in our nations history, and I'm praying it is for the good!

" if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2Chronicles 7:14

Not sure where to start in praying for our country?  Check out this link here for ideas on how to pray and for free journal printables. 

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