{pumpkin patch fun}

Last weekend we headed out to the pumpkin patch with our dear friends, the Shaidas! Our kids are stair steps in ages... they have two little girls, and a little teeny brand new baby boy that is the absolute sweetest!!! Talk about baby fever... as my husband rolls his eyes, ha!

But, if you remember, back in June Harper and I went and planted pumpkin seeds at our favorite local pumpkin patch. It is such a fun and neat opportunity for little ones... We then got two free pumpkins (hypothetically Harper's pumpkins... her little marker sticks had long washed away, but according to mommy's memory, at least two of the three pumpkins we took home might have been ones she planted. ha!). This pumpkin patch has sooo many fun activities for the kids. Harper's favorite was the big slide. We stopped many times along the way to dump hay and corn out of shoes. It was a beautiful, warm fall day spent with great friends. Just perfection!

I adore this time of year.  Fall is just the perfect precursor to the holidays.  So many fun things to do to create amazing family memories!  

So very, VERY blessed!

Daddy and Harper on the swing.

Off to find the perfect pumpkins!

Harper and Kate in the maze.  It was hysterical watching them in this maze...
it was just the perfect size for them!

Her favorite!! I'm not sure if she liked the slide better, or
the fact you had to climb a so high on hay to get to the top.

More maze fun.  Look at that concentration. ha!

Somehow Harper talked Kate into a ride. ha!  I think Brooke
is taking notes ;)

Oh my girls!

They're so cute!

Bowling ♥

♥ When a nice lady offers to take a whole
family picture, you never turn it down!

Kate, Brooke, and Harper in the corn ♥

He's up to no good! ha!

Harper is blessed with a very sweet and genuine friendship
in Kate!  I mean, a wagon ride AND she's pushing her on the swing...

Harper and Daddy's tradition!

Our gorgeous friends!!! I mean... magazine family photo... am I right?!

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