{Miss Harper}

It's been awhile since I blogged about my big girl!

Y'all.  She's just beautiful.  I can't get over it.  I just adore her!

She's so quick and smart... has a memory like none other.  We can now have conversations with her basically like a grown up.  She's just amazing!

Her coloring is just gorgeous!  Her eyes now change back and forth between green and blue.  They're simply amazing.  Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful she is.  I try to be intentional and thankful when they say something... but as a woman said the other day, "I bet you hear that all the time."  and yes I do... but really, do moms ever tire of people loving on their kids?

As I mentioned, she is crazy smart.  She already "writes".... her version of letters.  She can write H's.  I mentioned writing her whole name to her the other day, and she immediately wrote a "p".  Um.  where did she learn that???

My mother in law was watching the girls the other day and was making cookies with Harper.  She mentioned to Harper that she couldn't find the baking soda.  Harper replied with "its in the fridge"... and guess what.  It was.  ha!  My mother in law was like how in the world does she know what baking soda is?!  But we bake cookies a lot.  She is so quick!

She is basically 100% potty trained.  I wish we could take credit for it. I've had friends ask me how we did it.  To which I reply - I don't know. ha.  And I mean it.  She did it.  Sure, toward the end of my pregnancy with Hayden, we pushed pretty hard, but she wasn't ready.  Then all of sudden, she was just potty trained.  I can seriously count on one hand the number of accidents she's had.  Like maybe 2.  I really do contribute it to her cognitive ability.  She just understands so much for being 2.

But the emotions.  This little one has BIG ones.  Good and Bad.  I don't know how many times a day
I have to say "check your attitude right now!"  I can't even imagine what teen years are going to look like.  But she loves so big!  And that alone is worth all the attitude.

She prays.  Loves Jesus. 
If you are her friend or family, I can guarantee you that you have been thought of in prayer by her.  I love peaking out at her as I pray.  Her eyes are usually closed and she's nodding in agreement.  It is truly touching. 

She's still the pickiest of eaters.  She loves her dino nuggies, pizza, apple sauce, hot dogs, broccoli, spinach, chicken, mac and cheese.  And really, that's about it.  No red meat.  As hard as I try.

She has three stuffed animals that rotate in and out of being her favorite.  Right now, piggie is front and center and she HAS to have piggie to cuddle with at night.  If it isn't piggie, its usually grace or safari (both giraffe's.  One from my parents and the other from my brother and sister in law.  And I can all but guarantee you that's why she loves them so.).

She LOVES her baby sister!  And is such a good big sister.  As Hayden gets older I get more excited for a time when they can actually play together (if only that didn't mean Hayden growing up!).

We need to get her into a dance class.  She asked last week to take ballet.  I'm thinking we will also start her in preschool next year.  Maybe even at the beginning of the year if I can find a good one by then that is accepting new students at semester.

Being her mommy is just the best!!! This girl.  She is more precious than rubies!  I try to remind her of that often.  I hope and pray the world will never convince her differently ♥

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