{escaping into fall}

so Sunday I popped out of bed, and as in our normal routine started getting ready for church and getting the girls motivated (well... Harper.).  And my sweet husband said... "so.... would you want to go on a fall adventure this morning? Have a family day?"

Now, I had already planned a little fall-ness for later in the day, which he knew... but this!  Oh my goodness!  First I was conflicted... the discipline of going to church every Sunday loomed over me.  Then God gently reminded me of the FREEDOM we have in Christ.  It isn't about checking that box off of "yep. went to church today!"... if anything, I think my beautiful savior was pleased by us loving on one another Sunday.

So we got up... got dressed for the beautiful fall weather.  Grabbed breakfast and of course pumpkin spiced lattes, and headed out to the beautiful Colorado outdoors!

We stayed out most of the day until it was nap time... headed back home for the girls (ok and mommy) to sleep.  Got up, made dinner for our friends, then carved pumpkins and sipped on yummy hot cider as a family.  It was a day of perfection... smells, sights, and tastes of fall!  Somehow I didn't get a picture of the finished pumpkins glowing on our porch... I posted one to snapchat... but it's long gone. Sad.  I'll have to take one soon! Harper carved a kitty cat and Rob carved a traditional jack-o-lantern.  Mommy sipped on hot cider and attempted to help Harper while Hayden slept in the moby wrap.  ha.

Here are some pictures from our Sunday adventures:

The littlest Shaida!  Baby Johnny is just
the sweetest!  

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