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so.  we did it.

we moved out of our first house we lived in as a family of two.  as a family of three. and as a family of four.

i absolutely L.O.V.E. our new home.   like LOOOVVVE it.

But I will say... walking out of our old house - the house where we brought both of our baby girls home.  the house where harper took her first steps.  the house where we lost both of our angel babies. the house where on many occasion we fell apart and back together again.  lots of prayers have been said under that roof.  lots of tears. and oh, my so much love!  it will forever hold so many special memories for our family.  we lived there for about 4 1/2 years and they were so good to us!  God is so good!

we are so blessed with our new home.  we are already making new memories!  Rob's drive to work is about the same.  My drive in to the church is about 3.5 miles instead of less than 1 (ha!).  But.  we are a mile away from my in laws.  and that is just awesome!

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