{6 months}

You guys.  I have slacked so much on the mommy blogging lately!  My goodness!

This little sunshine hit her half year mark on the 11th.  We were smack dab in the middle of moving into our new house.  She is such a trooper!!

She is the classic second born.  Laid back. Easy going.

She is such a joy!  Her smile.  My goodness!! It quite literally lights up my life!

She LOVES her big sister so much!  Harper always gets a smile from her little sister!


{home is wherever i'm with you...}

so.  we did it.

we moved out of our first house we lived in as a family of two.  as a family of three. and as a family of four.

i absolutely L.O.V.E. our new home.   like LOOOVVVE it.