{a little catch up...}

Considering I haven't blogged for over a month, I figured it was time for a little catch up!

Goodness.  Where did the summer go?

Most of August was spent recovering from a month of sickness for the girls and Rob... and then I got sick.  A crazy - dizzy - inner ear thing.  It was lovely.

We celebrated Rob's birthday.

My mom's birthday is also in August as well as my parents FIFTIETH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Yes!  50 years!

We celebrated our niece Blakely's 4th birthday!! The cutest cowgirl princess birthday party ever!

We've been crazy busy!!!

AND.  We are moving next weekend.  Just to a different part of town.  It's been an up and down, whirlwind, excitement filled time!  But we are SO.EXCITED for our new home!!! I can't wait to share it's cuteness.  But, Rob did ask me this weekend if I was going to cry leaving our current home. To which I immediately teared up and replied "without a doubt!"  Those walls hold an awful lot of memories for our little family!  an awful lot of precious memories!  This mama's heart might explode!  But.  Our girls are so young... and there are so many memories to be made in our new home.

As we prepare to move and our house is filled with boxes, I'm starting to see a bit of the behavior from Harper that I saw shortly after Hayden was born.  The disobedient just nutso behavior.  My sweet girl - this will have been quite the year for her!  But she is SO excited for her new BRIGHT PINK BEDROOM!.  The current owners have two little girls - so one of the bedrooms is BRIGHT PINK.  Like hurt your eyes pink.  She is beyond excited!!! I'm just waiting on the disappointment though when she realizes the cool pony that was in there when we were there for the inspection isn't there anymore.  yikes. ha!

September is going to be a very busy, yet amazing month.  It's always filled with lots of birthdays and our anniversaries.  And this year it will also be filled with us moving into our new home! I've been scouring pinterest for new fun ideas... I just love the idea of more space and everything having it's own spot!  sigh....

Also within the last month, Hayden reached her 5 month milestone.  She's almost to 6 months now.  Goodness!

In the past month she started solids, has started babbling and laughing and just enjoys her mommy and daddy and sister!  We enjoy her so much!!! She has exclusively nursed for almost 6 months now.  I'm so proud of her (and of me!).  We've started trying to get her to take a bottle... it's been interesting.  But selfishly, I need a little more freedom that what her eating schedule gives us.  I mean, even if we go on a date night it is limited to 2-3hours.  It's time.  It makes my heart a little sad, just because she is my baby and our "last"...but it's time.

To keep up with our summer in pictures, check out this link.  I'm trying hard to keep it updated as it's so much easier in this season to add photo's to facebook than to sit down and blog and upload them here.  Unfortunately, you do have to have a facebook account and log in to see the entire album.  

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