{UpSpring Baby Product Review}

I have received these products complimentary for my honest review of their product.  These are my own opinions. 

Awhile back I signed up with influenster to receive free products to review.  It's been so fun!

My most recent box came a few weeks ago, but as most of you know our house has been a sick ward for the past month!! BUT... this box couldn't have come at a more perfect time!  

It was filled with Upspring products geared toward a nursing mom.  One of the products I was most excited about were the milkflow supplements.  Although, I don't have a big issue with supply, it does dip now and then.  And well, Hayden has been sick.  For the first week or so she nursed nonstop.  But this past week, she went on a nursing strike!  I was SO worried about my supply!  I was not ready to wean her and well, lets be real... the little diva won't take a bottle, so that's not even an option.  

I immediately began applying my fennel essential oils and then remembered all the milk flow supplements I had received to review!  Talk about perfect timing! 
This flavor was my favorite!

Upspring sent me the cutest little shaker to use to mix them up.  It is just a powder, you add approximate 8-12 ounces of water and shake.  I will be completely honest... the taste of this stuff isn't the greatest.  But, it's definitely tolerable.  It reminds me of your basic vitamin drink, like an airborne or emergenC.  It isn't something that is refreshing, but I didn't have to choke it down either.  

As far as effectiveness.... drum roll... I honestly noticed a difference after drinking it one day!  It really helped my supply not drop when Hayden was dropping feedings.  By the second day I even felt overly full... not engorged, but I definitely felt fuller than I had in awhile.  This stuff works, friends!!  I was pleasantly surprised!  

When I was nursing Harper, I had supply issues and took fenugreek and didn't see results this fast!  

This supplement is all natural, vegan, and just good for you and your supply!  They recommend starting out with just one drink a day, then you can do more if you need to.  But, I feel like one a day really gave me the boost I needed!  If you had some major supply issues, like I did with my first, it is helpful to know you can use more to help produce more.  

I really was pleasantly surprised!  If you are looking for something that is refreshing and tasty, this probably isn't the product for you... but really, most supplements aren't yummy, and this is by far the best fenugreek supplement you will find.  If you are looking for something that is quick, that is healthy, and will boost your supply then this is definitely the product for you!  


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