{Hayden: 4 months}

Our tiny little princess turned 4 months old this past week!  I'm not quite sure where the past month went... oh yes, that's right.  my whole family has been sick for the past MONTH!!  I seriously feel like I stepped into a time trap!  I have no idea where the last half of June and the first half of July went... it's like I didn't even live them, aside from being in our house taking care of sick kids and a sick husband!

But.  The husband still isn't feeling 100% quite yet.  Harper still has a major runny nose.  But Hayden's fever broke last Monday... and just has some major boogage going on.  I hate to say it because I feel like I'm going to jinx us, but it looks like we are on the mend.  FINALLY!

I seriously haven't slept in a month.... well not longer than 1 hour stretches.  The last few nights Hayden has let me sleep for 4 hours straight and I feel like I a whole new person!

The beginning of last week she was on a nursing strike.  I finally figured out it was probably because, while she was sick, I saved all the stuff she didn't like till she was nursing because that's typically when she's the happiest.  Well.  According to KellyMom, I caused her to hate nursing.  great.  awesome.  #momfail!  But we worked hard on getting my supply back up and making nursing her jam again! 

She is such a happy baby and I enjoy her SO much!!  I feel so blessed to be able to spend so much time with her!  We aren't apart too often... she is quite the mama's girl! 

at 4 months, Hayden...

  • weights 12lbs.  
  • loves to smile, especially at mama
  • has developed a little giggle that makes mama's heart explode!
  • loves playing with her toys!  her favorite is a little plastic monkey rattle
  • will sit in her bumbo and play with her big sister.  it's so cute!
  • is all out of wack with her sleep schedule.  thank you month of sickness!
  • loves to cuddle mommy in her moby wrap
  • hates her carseat
  • is quite opinionated as to when you can put her down. 
  • has started rolling from back to her side... won't be too long til she's rolling to her tummy!

At this point with Harper, we had introduced some oatmeal and rice cereal.  I think I will hold off with Hayden for a bit.  She nurses so well.  Maybe next month.  I've said all along that I want to nurse her until she starts solids and then see if I can wean her to a bottle.  So maybe it's kind of me not wanting to give that up yet.  Never thought I'd be that mom...

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