{spiritual challenges}


Goodness. Have you ever had a season where you just feel like your under spiritual attack?! I dislike using the word attack. I feel like it gives the enemy more credit ... And my God is so much bigger. Attack means he has made contact and I have somehow taken my gaze off the father and off the cross to even notice the plite of my self. And well I know I'm human, but that frustrates me to no end! It makes me mad at myself when I turn my gaze internal instead of eternal.
Today I let it all effect me. I was frustrated. It ranged from some super sad news about a family in our church that has just wrecked my heart to things more petty...  I work so hard to keep our home clean and with kids that's no small chore. And this morning it was a mess. Like crumbs in the floor, sticking to my feet mess. Harper was acting out. Crumbs were stuck to my feet. One of my new placemats had some how gotten play doh all over it. With each thing I put away I got more frustrated. 

It took me being moved to tears to realize I needed a heart check. And real quick! At that moment, I just happened across an article written by Shirley Dobson, talking about being a successful mother. I reluctantly opened it, honestly a little worried that it was the last thing I needed to read, I really didn't need to feel worse. 

Then I read what two things Shirley felt made her own mom successful. 

• she loved her kids and her kids knew it. 
• she introduced her children to Christ. 

Is it really that simple?! And I think it really is. It was just the wake up I needed.  Our home is filled with love and Christ! So I shall count this day as a success! 

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