& just like that...

we are almost out of what I have so lovingly deemed the "fourth trimester."  I swear its a real thing.  And I'm even more convinced of it after having a second baby.

Big sister is transitioning in to her new role nicely.

Having a baby around has now become normal again.

Nursing is going just as well as one can hope. Hayden is such a cuddly chubby baby!! And I love it!

Sleep is looking a bit more normal these days - well, normal for a mama!

And life, life is just about as blessed as one's life can be.

Lately we...

Have watched a lot of Harry Potter.

Fought off a couple stomach bugs.

Played in the water and sun.


Enjoyed our family.

Planted a garden that Harper is taking care of. We painted rocks for it today. So adorable!! 
.... and just enjoyed life. It's been good. Ive been attempting to stop, enjoy, and be intentional. It means we might not have pictures of all our memories or all our fun happenings, but I'm fully present and I think that's what is important for my family. And what I may have pictures of, I don't feel the need to post as much. It's kind of fun having pictures just for us or even just for this blog. Or to text my family, etc. 

Keep an eye out for our sweet girls 3month update soon ❤️

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