{3 months ♥ 29 months}

Our sweet little Hayden!  She is just so much joy and sunshine, in such a little package!  Everyone that sees pictures of her and not in person assumes she's a little chunk... which she is, but she's a compact little chunky baby.  ha!  She's still so tiny, yet so chunky all at the same time!

I just ADORE her!  Like I'm obsessed.  And I'm not ashamed ;) 

She also, equally adores mommy.  Rob says its because to her I look like a steak dinner.  I choose to think it's because I'm mommy.

At 3 months, Hayden:

Is working on her core muscles.  The girl literally does crunches in her rock n play.  It cracks me up!

Loves smiling and talking - especially to mommy and big sister!

Loves grabbing for toys, mommy's hair, and mommy's hand (while nursing). 

Has began to "play" with her toys.  It's so cute!

Loves her toes.  She can stare at them for a good 5 minutes.

Tolerates her bumbo - as long as she's on the kitchen countertop and mommy is cooking. 

LOVES the song "skidamarinkadink"... it can snap her out of a crying spell in the car, which is a mommy's dream!

On that note - she hates her carseat, but is learning to like a little better each day it seems.  It helps that big sister sits right next to her and holds her hand the whole way!

Is still going to church service with mommy & daddy.  Mommy just can't quite pull the trigger to take her to the nursery yet.  I keep telling myself once she can sit up on her own I'll feel better about leaving her. ha!

Is still sleeping right next to mommy - even though I said at 3 months we would transition her to her bed.

Still is not a fan of her paci.  She will take it if she is hungry and we are trying to hold her over for just a few minutes.


And our sweet, sweet Harper Grace!  Oh my she is a handful!!

I actually had someone watch in disbelief the other day of how active she is.  No one believes me until they witness it for themselves.  ha!

But oh my, she's so much fun!

Right now Harper....

Can do just about anything.  Seriously.  It scares me. ha!

She can climb and jump and kick and play just like a big kid!  We have been having park play dates and she totally keeps up with the big kids!

She loves her baby sister.  A lot.

She loves animals.  like obsessed.

LOVES going to church, to her class to learn about Jesus and play with friends!

Prays for her family and friends and asks to be read stories out of the bible.

Loves her books!!

Loves working in her "teacher books"... which are the preschool learning books you can buy at the dollar store.  We work on the color and shape ones.  She LOVES learning!

Loves "Chinese chicken"... which is just our favorite chicken dish we order at our Chinese restaruant, she has deemed "Chinese chicken!"

Has started calling my parents her "grandparents"... not sure where she got this, as I don't think we've ever called them that - just grandma and pap-pap.

Is almost completely potty trained... we just don't test it out and about too much. 


We've stayed amazingly busy so far this summer! I was going to include a fun rundown and a bunch of pictures... but, I ran out of time, so stay tune.  Mommy duty calls ♥

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