{two months}

I can't believe how fast the last two months have flown by!! Yet, it seems Hayden has always been a part of our family.

It's amazing to me, how as a mom, your children seem to be little souls - little pieces of you, that you've always known.  And once they are a part of your family, it feels complete.  Hayden was definitely a piece of me that I never knew was missing.  She is just pure joy and sunshine!  I can't look at her and not smile.  I love her to pieces!!

She's so adorably beautiful... most days I just stare at her ♥  She has a doctors appointment Friday and I can't wait to see how much she has grown!  I'd say she's at least doubled her birth weight.  This girl loves to eat!  I'm not looking forward to the shots though.  Seriously.  No fun!

Hayden at two months:

  • loves staring at mommy and smiling.
  • rolls from front to back
  • is a champion at tummy time!
  • sleeps anywhere from 4-7hour stretches at night, but then will have a night, like last night, where she wants to eat all night long
  • started tolerating a bottle for the first time this week!! whoohoo!! ... now mommy can hopefully go help out at the church some without running home all the time! 
  • loves big sister! 
  • loves her moby and sling!  she is a huge fan of baby wearing!
  • has began "talking" to mommy and daddy. 
We dedicated her to the Lord on Mother's Day!  Really, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate mother's day! 
It was a wonderful morning!  All of our Colorado Springs family joined us in worship, as well as some of our very dear friends, the Shaidas.  We were so blessed to have them all there. 

After church we headed home for naps, then on over to my brother in law and sister in law's home to celebrate mother's day.  It was a wonderful day!! My girls and my hubby spoiled me ridiculously!  Harper was so excited to give me a giant bag of m&m's and new lip gloss, then she wanted her daddy to go get me starbucks, which of course he did ♥  followed by homemade quiche! Harper was SO excited that it was mother's day!  She didn't quite get it though, as she kept telling everyone, including Hayden, happy mother's day, ha! 

Here are some pictures of our last week or so - specifically of Hayden, since this is her 2 month post ♥

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