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so this life!


we began a new change a couple weeks ago, as I started working at the church for just a few hours.  it has been interesting kiddo wise and amazing for this mommy!

it has honestly, just been one more amazing affirmation that God has me exactly where I'm suppose to be.  I'm not sure what I would have done if I was still working for my old company full time.  I honestly would have probably had to quit.  When your two year old asks you to stay home and play with her and your tiny baby doesn't like to eat any other way but nursing... it tells you that you are right where you are suppose to be.

so a couple days a week, my life looks like a crazy person's life.  Thank goodness our church is less than a mile from our house.  I end up back out our house about three times on those days.  and I love it.  It's SUPER chaotic.  But I love that I can go do something fun, for me, and supporting a ministry - but I can also run straight back to my babies! And how amazing is it, that a year ago, when God started showing us that we could make this life change for me to stay home with our babies - that He also knew that the baby that was soon to be growing in my tummy, would need her mommy pretty much all day long - that she would be such a mommy's girl ♥  oh my goodness. it makes my heart explode!

I've had the deep realization lately, that God SO knew how much I needed my little Hayden.  Our family dynamic is so interesting.  Harper is quite literally my mini-me.  She and I drive one another insane on the daily.  I couldn't possibly love her more - but we butt heads.  A lot!  Then there is my Hayden.  She is her daddy, in a precious little teeny baby girl!  And I just adore her.  In a whole different way.  It's amazing how we don't love each of our kids more... just differently.  It is going to be so fun to see these two grow, and their personalities continue to form over the years.  & please don't think I'm an awful mom for saying that Harper and I drive one another insane.  It's quite mutual. and the love is so deep.

I feel like we are finally getting the hang of things (which we all know that means everything is going
to go straight to you know where the moment I post this...)!  Harper's behavior is getting back to normal (well as normal as it can be for a two year old), Hayden is starting to sleep most of the night, if not through the night (thank you Jesus!), she's also going longer between feedings which makes mommy feel like I have a little more freedom.  Life is starting to settle down... still chaotic, but at least it's beginning to resemble our normal chaos.

Rob's work hours have been ALL over the place lately!  He's been working a lot of evenings, which is harder on us as a family.  We value our sit down and have dinner together time, and that just hasn't been happening much if at all.  But that's life.  And he works SO hard for our family!! I don't for one second want to come across ungrateful!

But our life as of late, the good and the bad:
  • Harper had the stomach flu last week.  I feel like I have no fingerprints left... I'm pretty sure all the bleach burned them off.  Watch out crime spree. 
  • We finally got a double stroller.  Hello upper body strength! I really feel like I'm driving a bus around... but its so nice all at the same time!
  • Harper is almost potty trained.  Like SO close.  We haven't braved undies out and about much yet... but at home she is a rockstar.  I think she's maybe had two accidents since we started potty training.  
  • We were suppose to go camping this weekend with friends... I'm not sure it's going to happen.  First off, the low at night is in the low 30s... and well, we have a 2 month old.  But also, when we began making a list of things to take i.e. Harper's potty, Hayden's rock n play, layers upon layers of clothes... etc.  We both looked at one another like, ok we are nuts!  Plus I have to be at church Sunday for our life group kick off.  It just all started to be too much.  
  • speaking of... I'm leading a mommy play date group this semester and I can't wait!
  • Our nephew's last tball game is tomorrow night!  Our family is getting together to celebrate. 
  • We are hoping to get a date night in before long... especially now that Hayden can go longer than an hour or two before she's hungry!  We need some mommy/daddy time badly! 
  • Oh, and have you bought one of my girl, MaLyn's tshirts yet?  If not, you TOTALLY should!  She's basically just the best!  She hooked me up with a couple and I couldn't be more overjoyed... #momuniform!! Did I mention she's an awesome friend?! Cause she is! Go show her some love on instagram, or better yet... go buy a tshirt!

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