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Because who are we kidding. Who has time to sit down and blog long elaborate posts. Not this mom. But! There are so many things I don't want to forget - which is why you will find me "insta blogging" more these days. Didn't you know that was a thing? It totally is! Although - I just set my profile to private for the zillionth time. ugh. I totally go back and forth way too many times in this - but find me. You'll keep up with us easier on there ❤️ But here is a little 2 minute rundown of what's up...

Anyway. A few things over the last week: 

Every day, Hayden's birth becomes more of a distant memory. She's needing me less and less as she's transitioning and half way through the 4th trimester. However, she continues to love nursing and refuses a bottle for now. I'm ok with that. Thankfully, when I am at the church, I'm just a mile from home. And as my mother in law reminded me - it won't be forever. She will be eating solids before we know it. Oh my heart, how time goes by so quickly. I told Rob this week that it makes me want to have another... Yes. I'm crazy! That's what happens when childbirth was somewhat easy. It makes you feel like superwoman and want a litter of kids. That's just my hormones speaking, right?! Repeat to self - we are finished having kids! 

This week - Harper picked up thievery. Only joking - kind of. She seriously swiped a huge can of stew and two cans of spam on our last grocery trip. She carefully stashed them under the car seat in the stroller. I was mortified!!!!! The grocery clerks thought it was hysterical! 

Hayden rolled over. Yes you read that right. At 6weeks. She rolled over (several times) from front to back. I was in disbelief and knew no one would believe me, so of course I got it on video! Cutest thing ever. Proud mama moment!! And proud big sister moment! 

Hayden also slept all night for the first time last night. Like 8 hours all night. She typically wakes up every three hours to nurse, so when I woke up and realized it was morning I was in complete disbelief. First night of full sleep in 6+weeks. So. Very. Nice. 

I almost lost my cell phone and all my treasured pictures. Well not all of them- just the ones I hadn't backed up. I accidentally left it at the thrift store down the street. We met my mother in law and she came back to our house with us. It wasn't until after she left that I even realized it was missing. I just knew it would be gone. But thank God for compassionate honest people. Someone found it and turned it in to the front cashier. Whew. That's what I get for trying to disconnect from my phone, right?! Haha. I didn't even realize it was missing until I wanted to text Rob. 

That's about all the excitement around here. Ha! We've had plenty of Starbucks runs (thank you husband), lots of grocery shopping, target/popcorn trips, cooking dinners together, baking cookies with my girls, playing outside in our beautiful weather. 

Here are some of our pictures from the last week or so: 

Target/Starbucks morning. 

Matching outfits from their Uncle Greg and Aunt Kimmie ♥

This is what our naptimes look like lately.  This is an area where
Harper's big sister transition is showing.  Nap time and bed time have
become a challenge.

Wearing one of my old dresses, playing with one of my old dolls.

Worn out from her day of rolling over ♥

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