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Oh my. I've not been so great at blogging lately. Like at all. I haven't even sat down with a computer in forever. These girls keep me hopping - in the best way possible. I'm either nursing, cleaning the house, doing laundry, having tea parties, playing play-doh, coloring, or snuggling. Life is wonderfully chaotic, and I'm loving every second!!!

Right now, it's raining outside, the thunder is rolling in, our tulips have blossomed, and I have a warm cuddly baby in my lap while her big sister takes a nap. It's just perfection!! And even though it may snow this weekend, I'm confident spring is here! 

I've had my share of not so pretty mom moments over here as a mom of two, but I can honestly say for the most part it is going SO well!!! Im so thankful for my mom community and the support in shown daily!! I have mom friends who have fed us, text me often checking in, a supportive mom group at our church, and a supportive mom tribe in social media! Moms who know how challenging growing your family is and first hand all the challenges that come with that!! And my husband!! He has been so supportive!! And so helpful! But over all at the end of the day, the good way out numbers the bad. And we are doing so well!! 

Harper adores Hayden!! She wants to hold her constantly, tells Hayden she's so pretty all the time, and smothers her with kisses! We've had a couple mishaps where Harper just doesn't understand- like she doesn't understand that shoving a blanket on baby Hayden's head isn't the best method for covering her up. Or that putting her foot (with the shoe on) in many Hayden's car seat, on her head, resulting in her basically lightly kicking Hayden in the head. Yeah. That led to one of those not so pretty mommy moments. But all was well. 

Harper has been doing well! Sometimes it's hard to tell if behavior issues that come up are family transitions or if it's because she's two! Who knows! 

At 26 months, Harper: 

• is the best big sister!!! And helper to me! She will go get me anything I ask for, as long as she can reach it ;) 

• is 23lbs and 34 inches tall. 

• wears a 2T

• can honestly do just about anything she sets her mind to!! 

• can cut with scissors, glue, and colors very well for a 2 year old! 

• loves playing with play-doh or her kinetic sand. 

• loves "wishin-poof" on Amazon prime! She will even go get her tutu and "magic wand" and pretend to be Bianca. 

• continues to love to read! She will "read" a lot of her books herself. She has so many of them memorized!

• will sing you her own compilation of "twinkle twinkle", "Jesus loves me" and "you are my sunshine" 

• prays for our meals and for her family everyday! 

It's so hard to believe we've been a family of four for a month now (5 weeks today actually!). In one respect, time is flying by! On the other hand, I feel like Hayden has always been a part of our family. She is just the best!! 

Right now at one month, her life is still so simple and she's so easy to care for. 

At 1 month, Hayden:  

• loves to eat!!! She is just the best nurser!! She makes nursing easy and enjoyable.  

• naps in her rock n play, almost all day!! She sleeps so well during the day! 

• sleeps with mommy & daddy at night. She has already figured out that is our time. Our cuddle time. She gets a little out of sorts if we try to switch it up on her!  And I'm ok with that. As long as she will nap in her bed or rock n play during the day, we are good. 

• is still wearing newborn clothes. 

• just went in to size 1 diapers (she's got quite the belly on her!!). 

• weighs 8lbs & is 19.5 inches long. 

• can hold her head up quite well! She LOVES tummy time on mommy's chest. 

• continues to be a spit up baby!! But it seems to be getting better. She's not over eating as much now. (Ha!!). 

• is looking pretty identical to her daddy's baby pictures, but is also looking more and more like big sister every day! 

• is just a delight!! We adore her so much!! She's the sparkle in her mama's eye!! 

We enjoy daddys days off so much these days!! Harper misses him a lot when he's at work. I think it has a lot to do with 1-she doesn't have 100% of my attention anymore and 2- he was home with is for three weeks and she got use to it. But she will tell me, "daddy is big and strong, he works hard because he loves us"! Yes baby girl, that is SO right on!! 

Even on the hard days, I'm so thankful I get to be here for my girls!!! I never want to take that for granted.

Here's some pictures from our last couple of weeks:

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