{quick update}

Because who are we kidding. Who has time to sit down and blog long elaborate posts. Not this mom. But! There are so many things I don't want to forget - which is why you will find me "insta blogging" more these days. Didn't you know that was a thing? It totally is! Although - I just set my profile to private for the zillionth time. ugh. I totally go back and forth way too many times in this - but find me. You'll keep up with us easier on there ❤️ But here is a little 2 minute rundown of what's up...


{1 month : 26 months : life update}

Oh my. I've not been so great at blogging lately. Like at all. I haven't even sat down with a computer in forever. These girls keep me hopping - in the best way possible. I'm either nursing, cleaning the house, doing laundry, having tea parties, playing play-doh, coloring, or snuggling. Life is wonderfully chaotic, and I'm loving every second!!!