As are waiting for baby Hayden to arrive, as I have had contractions and they have started and they have stopped ....I am reminded of the time pretty much nine months ago when I was also in the spot of waiting. We just had a miscarriage and I was contemplating quitting my job, staying home, and working at a local church a few hours a week. The opportunity at the church locally had not been put on the table yet.  I was waiting.  I was praying.  I was prayerful and all at the same time hoping to be expecting a new baby as well.  & here again I find myself waiting - waiting on God's timing on His plan for our family - not my plan, not my thought of when is the best time to have this baby, but just waiting. there's so much beauty in expectation. in waiting. we're called to wait in expectation for Christ and his return. It's so parallel and poetic how God calls us to wait in our lives. 

As I sat mentoring a young college age girl this week, she was sharing the anticipation for the different upcoming seasons in her life. As I encouraged her not to rush through her current season, to enjoy the season God has her in, I was so blessed by the words God had for me to share with her ... As they were words I also needed to hear. 

I need to enjoy these last few hours/days/week with my precious family of three. Our lives are about to change - for the better - but none the less, we will never be a family of just the three of us again. Harper will no longer be an only child.  

So here I sit, literally intertwined with her, holding her as she naps. Soaking it all in. Because these moments are numbered. Who knows. Hayden could be here tomorrow. Or in two weeks. But no matter what, I don't want to wish this precious time with my Harper away! 

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