{& then there were four}

You know how they say, be prepared for your birth plan to go right down the drain?! Well. I've never really had a birth plan, not even with our first. I just decided from the beginning to go with the flow and it worked. Well this time, without knowing it, I just assumed it would be similar to my experience with Harper. And guess what... It was nothing like it. None of it. Like not one thing. 

Remember my last pregnancy post... It was on the 10th. I was saying how Hayden could take her time, whenever she was ready. Well apparently that evening she decided she was ready! 

I had been having prelabor contractions on and off for a week. So when contractions started up Thursday afternoon (the 10th) & lasting throughout the evening and over night , I didn't think anything of it. In fact, Rob asked me if he should take Harper over to his parents and I totally told him I thought it was just going to be prelabor again. 
But it was sooo much in my back and I was miserable. I should've known better! 

By Friday morning I told Rob maybe we should just go hang out at his parents for the morning and just see what happened. I still wasn't convinced these contractions were here to stay. In fact, we stopped for breakfast on the way over to my in laws ha! 

We had maybe been there an hour when my contractions were powerful and a little over 1 min apart.  We attempted to start a movie & I told Rob there was no way I could concentrate enough to watch a movie. The contractions were fairly consistent.  So we headed to the hospital. And this is when the tears started, as we told Harper goodbye and drove away. Rob looked over at me and I was sobbing. My words to him "I didn't expect this!" The emotions of leaving my baby, who was about to be a big sister. It was the last seconds of being a family of three ... Of her being our baby. Our dynamic was about to forever change. It scared to crap out of me and made me so sad all at the same time! But quickly, contractions brought me back to reality and what I needed to focus on. 

My water hadn't broken yet so I was so scared they were going to send us home and tell me it wasn't time yet. Which now is so funny to think about because Hayden arrived about three hours after that. 

Rob asked if I wanted him to drop me off at the door and park.. I said no way!! I want my water to break!! I'm walking! Needless to say we stopped about 5 times along the way because of contractions. 

We walked into triage, and the receptionist asked me how she could help us. Rob and I laughed about this later because I remember the same question with Harper... And both times I've been so close to being full on sarcastic and saying... Seriously?! Pregnant woman. Can barely walk. Why are you just not asking my name and putting me in a room?! 

So anyway, we got settled in triage. Our nurse said she had 100% admission success for the day... So the pressure was on. She checked me and I was dilated to a 4. She said the only way the Drs would admit me, since my water hadn't broken, was if there was change in dilation. We hung out, got monitored for a while. I was still in denial. The nurse even asked me if I would want an epidural right away or wait... I told her I was managing the contractions well. That I knew I wanted one, but I was doing good. This alone made me think... Oh we are SO getting sent home. She came back, checked me and I was at a 5.5! I couldn't believe it!!! 

By the time they admitted me, I was begging for anything they could put in my IV to help. Let me tell you.. Nothing worked. My doctor's policy is to break your water BEFORE the epidural. So we waited. My contractions got crazy strong. I started shaking. The nurse said it was most likely because my body was progressing so quickly. They broke my water (craziest feeling!). By this time I was dilated to an 8. They came in to do the epidural. My contractions were so stinking close that he had to put it in during contractions. Ok friends. Holding still while someone jams a giant needle in your back, but you're in excruciating pain... So not easy!!! And get this. First epidural didn't work. Well it did, but not on my left abdomen or left back. So ALL the pain of my contractions was concentrated to that spot. I was seriously wishing at this point that I had never gotten the epidural. & It was at this point I looked at Rob and said, if they can't fix this I seriously don't know if I can do this. To which he responded, yes you can!! You've done it before (my epidural wore off with Harper). Feeling the unbelievable pain in one spot was worse than all over. It was awful. So. They did the epidural AGAIN!  Thankfully, This time it worked!!! And worked almost too well! I couldn't even feel the pressure.   Which was such a nice break! But.... 

The nurse went to check me again, and I will never forget the look on her face when she said "so her head is RIGHT here!!" 

This baby girl seriously about birthed herself!! 

In came my doctor, nursery care, etc. within two or three pushes I was being handed the teeniest little princess!! She looked just like her big sister. She cried for just a few seconds then snuggled into my arms.  We all laughed... The joy filled the room. There were tears. There was unbelievable happiness and awe!
this moment.

It was such a relaxed, laid back delivery!! Very much like our Hayden.  Our family in the waiting room said all they could hear was laughter & joy from our room. 
and this moment right here.

watching him be a dad is just the best... watching him
hold both of our baby girls for the first time...well,
that is something words can't describe.

This amazing lady.  She has delivered both of our girls.
I literally have trusted her with my life.  She is one of
my heroes, that's for sure!

Quickly, our family came in and met our precious girl! Including big sister! She was SO excited!!! Her Ama & Ampa said all the way to the hospital in the car she was so so SO excited to finally meet baby Hayden!! And that showed as she ran into the delivery rooming her big sister shirt that she proudly told everyone "mommy made for me!!".  She climbed right up on my bed for some cuddles from me first, then daddy brought baby Hayden over & we helped Harper hold her. It was a priceless moment. The excitement, love, and joy on her face.  I don't ever want to forget it! 
this moment... it pretty much trumps all the others.  to know they will have one
another for life... and it all started in this beautiful moment!

I didn't tear, recovery has been fairly easy just like with Harper. I am feeling so very blessed! Hayden is a champ at nursing!! She started nursing right away and pretty much hasn't stopped  (lol!). 

Our hospital does delayed bathing and focuses on mommy/daddy time with the baby for the first several hours (like 6-8 hours). It was so nice!!     They also have a minimal interruption policy. Seriously, So nice!! We rarely saw our nurses unless we needed something or their shifts were changing. 

They said we could go home after 24 hours, but Hayden's jaundice levels went up, so we stayed another night with her on a light bed in our room. 

I was so much more anxious to come home this time. Back home to Harper. And just back to our life. 
busting out ♥

It's been such a great week and a half! My parents were here for a few days. It was great having them here. Harper was on cloud nine!! Grandma and Pap-pap AND baby Hayden!! Her energy level never dipped below a 9! I'll have to do a separate blog post about that transition, as well as life as we know it now, soon. She has just been fabulous!

A few more pictures.... 

Our little peanut!  We had a bet going on her weight.  Along
with the delayed bath, they wait a bit to weigh too.  The nurses
thought just a little over 6.  I kept saying, there's now way.
Harper was 6.10 and she is WAY tinnier! They couldn't
believe it!

Making sure mommy was still in the room.  ♥

snuggles and a selfie! never happier
to see this girl!

on our way home!

Picking big sister up at Ama & Ampa's.  Lilly LOVES babies ♥

This was THE BEST FEELING!!! Both of our girls... WITH us... on
our way home! ♥

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