{oh hey, Hayden}

Hayden Alexis Tisthammer
5lbs 15oz, 17.5 inches long

I blogged awhile back when we chose Hayden's name.  
For us, it just clicked.  
Hayden, meaning a rosy meadow.  We just loved this and how it
sounded with Harper.  It just stuck.  
Alexis, meaning helper and defender.  
God placed on Rob's heart shortly after we found out we were 
expecting, that this baby would be a leader and a defender.  
So, other than it sounding pretty, we also LOVED the meaning. 

Just a few days old, this little on is just such a blessing.  
I find myself looking at her and thanking God for her... many times
a day!  She is so laid back, so easy going.  Just the best baby
so far!  I forgot how amazing newborns are.  I'm honestly, loving
every second of being her mama!

My entire birth experience was just amazing.  Sure there was pain
and discomfort, but overruling all of that was a lot of joy
and laughter!  I will blog our birth experience soon.  Seriously,
it left me thinking I could totally do this again, ha!  But, realistically...
our family feels so complete with our little Hayden!

Harper is slightly obsessed with Hayden!  She is taking her big sister role
quite seriously... loving, kissing, and patting baby sister.  If she
starts fussing, she tells mommy to feed her. ha! She loves getting me
diapers and helping.  She is doing SO well!  Better than I even

She constantly wants to hold baby Hayden or lay down with her. It
is seriously adorable!... we have to keep an eye on her though, as
she doesn't really comprehend her strength of her pats or snuggles. 

Hayden is a dream baby!!  She is nursing like a champ!! I can't
believe how easy of a baby she is.  All the things I stressed
about starting out with Harper, she is doing great with! She would
literally sleep or nurse all day long if I'd let her.  We are enjoying
every second of this little one, as we know they go so quickly!

I couldn't be more in love with our little family.  Watching our girls
together makes my heart feel like it is seriously going to
explode in love.  I feel so very blessed to have the missing piece
to our family.  We feel so complete ♥

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