{life as a family of four}

can i just say.  it's amazing!

sure, i haven't had much sleep.  the toddler is transitioning to a big sister role, which at times can be interesting.

but i am LOVING every second!

Hayden is a fabulous eater... so that means a lot of cluster feeding and sleep nursing.  which leads to a tired mama...but again.  i'm loving it all.  i find myself just looking at my little family in awe!

Harper is doing great as a big sister!!! She LOVES baby Hayden! Almost too much, ha!  She wants to hold her ALL the time and help mommy ALL the time.  and basically wants to be a little mommy ALL the time.  If she's not doing that, she has one of her dolls and is putting it in baby Hayden's bouncy or car seat or rock n play and changing their diaper.  It's adorable.  She's become quite attached to daddy.  Which is SO helpful since I'm nursing Hayden ALL THE TIME.  But I do have to say... we sneak in our snuggles when we can!  The other night I told Rob... Harper is having a rough afternoon.  Tonight needs to be about her.  So I put Hayden down in her bed for the evening (well let's face it... two hours, because that's the longest she will go without needing mommy ♥), well fed, warm, and dry diaper.  We popped popcorn, played her frozen memory game, and cuddled... just the three of us, and watched Shrek in bed.  It definitely filled her love tank!  I've learned a lot about her love language since adding Hayden to our family!

Hayden is doing great!  She sleeps all the time.  If she isn't eating, she's sleeping.  She's seriously such a good baby!!! I thought Harper was a good baby!... this girl is a dream!  The only thing she is struggling with is a little bit of spit up!  She full on threw up twice within like 5 minutes the other day.  It just didn't feel right to me.  So I called her pediatrician.  They had me take her in to urgent care.  Of course nothing was wrong.  She just has a sensitive tummy.  But we made it all day yesterday without any spit up.  And today had one totally normal spit up.  So mommy is happy ♥

We are so blessed!!!!

Here are a few pictures from Grandma & Pap-pap's visit as well as our last week:

Grandma and Harper playing in the "tree house"

1 week ♥

Daddy and his girls ♥

Just like pap-pap ♥

park day!

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