{could we really be close?!}

so as I headed off to my weekly doctors appointment yesterday, I wasn't quite prepared for what she would have to tell me!!

Let me first start out by reflecting on events leading up to Harper's arrival.  They were non eventful.  I went to weekly check ups... no dilation.  no progress.  and then bam.  labor started! prelabor lasted for a couple days, but once my water broke she was born within about 7 hours.  very non eventful.

I wish I could have seen the look on my face as my doctor was checking me, when she said "and now I'm touching Hayden's head..."

UM.  WHAT!?!

I think my response was, SERIOUSLY?!

Rob's response... "that's weird!!!" ha!

I kind of have to agree.

I'm not dilated much... only almost a 1... but enough that I'm soo encouraged that my body at least recognizes what's happening this time around!

They hooked me up to the monitor... 20 minutes, in a recliner, by myself.  I seriously almost dozed off! ha!  but it definitely picked up all the braxton hicks contractions I've been having.  My doctor called them "consistent cramping" since they aren't painful, they aren't considered real contractions.

My doctor mentioned my low weight gain, and said we could take a look at Hayden next week if we would like... just to check on her weight.  She isn't too concerned... she said she is surprised every time she measures me because I'm measuring right on track.  And since she is the same doctor that delivered Harper, she knows Harper was tiny too... so really it's just a chance to take a peek at our Hayden before she is born (in the words of my doctor... if we make it that long).  But she was joking around with me that I just might be one of those women that leave the hospital under or right at their pre-pregnancy weight.  It would serve me right... I've made fun of my sister for this!! ha! But we will see... I'll be shocked if that happens. 

I'm honestly not getting my hopes up!  I've seen people dilated much more and then end up being induced.  But there is a part of me that is proud of my body that it's starting the process that it totally tried to put the breaks on with Harper!  But I also keep thinking... we really had no clue about a due date.  like at all.  so we are just going off of that original measurement from the 9 week ultrasound.  So really... even if she comes "early" it doesn't necessarily mean she's super early. 

I've been looking up essential oil usage for labor... just in case I end up laboring a lot at home again.  Harper asks at least once a day if baby Hayden is here yet or if she can come out of mommy's tummy now.  We made her big sister shirt yesterday.  Her big sister present is sitting by the door.  Really... we are ready!  I made an appointment at our local spa for Friday... I'm so excited for some pampering... so Hayden can wait until after that ;) 

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