{38 weeks with Miss Hayden}

So here I sit... pregnant.
Her little profile, with her hand in her face... at 38weeks!
And believe it or not, I really am ok with that!  I chalk it up mostly to the fact that I haven't gained as much weight this time, which in turn... basically I'm just not as miserable as I was at this point with Harper.  

But the thing I'm not ok with?! ... the on going contractions.  I mean, really.  They just get my hopes up that we are going to meet our little one really soon!  No matter what, I'm certain we will meet her within the next week and a half.

I honestly think if I wasn't having sporadic contractions I'd be just fine riding this out til 40weeks.  Now, my friend who is due basically the same time as I am (I mean, now how fun is that?!)... she is BEYOND ready.  After all... it's her fourth.  Cause... oh my goodness!  But there's a really good chance we might be in the hospital at the same time! How fun... well, not sure about fun... but we'd for sure get a couple of cute pictures of our girls together.

But at 38 weeks...
  • I've gained 19lbs.
  • I can't see my toes.
  • I'm officially in maternity pants... I have one pair of regular ones that I can still button.  Baby girl dropped SOOO low this week... I went from being able to wear them to not over night!
  • My belly button has completely flattened out!
  • No stretch marks.
  • I'm dilated to a full 1, 30% effaced (as of Tuesday morning). 
  • Hayden approximately (according to her ultrasound) weighs 6lbs 4ounces
  • Have at least 1 contraction an hour, if not more.  
  • I'm not swollen... I've been able to wear my ring this whole time, thankfully! 
  • Cravings are anything sweet... but mostly ice cream in the form of blizzards, blasts, or concretes.  with Reese's of course! I still crave M&M's but not as much.

Can't wait to meet our baby girl!!
xoxo ♥

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