{3 weeks PP}

As Rob heads back to work tomorrow, I can't help but look back on our last three weeks!  What a treasured whirlwind! I can't believe it's already time for him to go back!!! As usual, time is going too fast!

It was so amazing to have him home with us for three weeks! He took three weeks off when Harper was born, so when he asked me how long I would like him to take off this time, I just said three weeks. And man. I'm so glad I did! It has helped so much with Harper's transition! I've been able to focus almost 100% on bonding with Hayden and not feel guilty!  And Harper has done great! 

Now. Am I nervous for it to be just the three of us starting tomorrow?! You bet!!! But I'm also excited. Excited to figure out the new routine. Excited for our new normal. And excited for the challenge. 

I have recovered and "bounced back" even quicker this time than last! And last time was quick! I've been feeling great! In fact, we went to some of our best friends house for their little girls birthday when Hayden was barely a week old. And really we were out and about before that too... That was just her first official outing, followed by church that Sunday. We also made it to our church's Easter egg hunt and to Easter service. Everyone acts shocked, saying I don't look or act like I just had a baby. My response... I have a 2 year old at home! We've let our friends pass Hayden around a bit, holding her, but rather than that - when we go out, she's in her moby wrap. Which makes me feel so much better. I know I'm nursing and her immune system is better because of it, but there's a lot of junk going around! 

Hayden is already so strong! She lifts her head up and looks around and will even push up with her legs when laying on my tummy! She's such a good baby. She rarely cries... Like I'm not even sure we've heard a real heart felt cry yet. She's so easy going and gentle natured. She's been sleeping right next to or on mommy every night. We are going to work on her at least napping in her bed to make life easier moving forward - especially on daddy!

Harper is doing great.  She LOVES Hayden and constantly wants to hold her, kiss her, and hug her.  She LOVES trying to hold her hand in the car - their carseats are right next to each other.  She can barely, sometimes, reach Hayden's hand.  It is going to be so wonderful and cute to watch them grow up together.

Hayden had a doctors appointment Monday.  Harper hung out with Ama while we took Hayden... cause germs.  and trying to explain to a 2 year old that she can't play with the toys in the waiting room because chances are they'll make her sick... well, she just doesn't get it.  When we picked her up, she asked if Hayden was big yet.  She is so anxious for Hayden to get big so she doesn't have to be as gentle and so they can play!

At Hayden's 2 week appointment, she had gained all her birth weight back... and then some.  Add a lb on top of that!  And had grown 2 1/2 inches!  I mean, how encouraging is that to a nursing mom?! It helps that this girl eats constantly! But she's also a spit upper... so it's good to know she's still getting what she needs.  Her doctor said she's probably just chowing down too much and that's why she spits up.  ha!  So we've been trying smaller eating sessions and it seems to be helping.

Life with two girls is just amazing!  It still feels pretty surreal.   I mean... weren't Rob and I just careless 20somethings yesterday?  We were laughing today, as we talked about the Angels playing the Dodgers tonight.  It's a preseason traditions for the teams.  They always play two games before the regular season starts.  8 years ago, I was on my way back from MO... stuck in an airport.  It was pretty early morning and my phone rang... it was Rob.  He was asking me to go to the baseball game with him. Now, mind you... we were "just friends".... but this started a lot of Angel games together as "just friends".  We laughed this afternoon, as I said I remembered that so clearly.  And then he said... and look at us now.  As he was holding Harper on his lap and I was holding Hayden.  So amazing, friends!  We went from two crazy kids, parking in a neighborhood by the stadium, jumping over a wall, just so we wouldn't have to pay for parking... to dating.  to engaged.  to married.  to parents of TWO GIRLS!!! life.  it's a funny thing sometimes!

But anyway.... 
Today, we have synced up naps perfectly and Hayden has slept in her rock n play.  Dear Lord... please let it go this smoothly tomorrow!!! 

Here are a few pictures from our week:

Our girls ♥

Harper, Mama, and Hayden (in the Moby) at our Easter Egg Hunt

Looking for a Golden Ticket!

Blakely and Levi got to come hunt eggs with Harper!

Our family ♥

Uncle Matt!

Easter Baskets!

Baby Girl's First Easter!

She refused to look at the camera... this is princess pose! ha!

Cousins!  & yes, our diva had TWO dresses!

Target run today ♥ Of course we got popcorn!

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