{the hospital bag... the second time around}

the bag... it's a large 31 tote.  I love it.  It's so roomy that there is
room for my stuff and Hayden's!
Well. As much as I had a little freak out this week that we have entered the "6 weeks and ___ number of days" ... because wow! That seems like not much time!! I thought it might be time to pack the overly talked about hospital bag.  Us expectant moms, we way overly talk about THE HOSPITAL BAG!  What to take, what not to take... what's needed, what isn't needed.  And honestly there are opinions all across the board.

The first time around I had thought through it.  And I thought I had done a pretty good job!  And I did... I didn't miss anything that I wish I had brought.  But that being said... I packed WAY too much!

I will tell you this.  You won't really know what you'll want clothes/pj's wise in the hospital until you've been through it. I had friends all across the board.  Some said they couldn't stand having pants on and suggested night gowns.  Some said they wanted nothing but comfy pj pants.  Some said they wore the hospital gown the whole time.  So I took both.  PJ's and a gown.  I didn't touch the gown.  I honestly stayed in the hospital gown for the first bit til things settled down and I wasn't needing to be checked every hour or so, then I switched to PJ's.  But.  I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

So all that to say... your first time around you will probably over pack.  And that's ok.  If you're like me, I'd rather have too much than not have something I wanted.

Here is a look at what I, as a second time mom, found necessary.

We'll start with the fun part first... the adorable, teenie baby stuff!

For Hayden ♥

  • A going home outfit (really, in all honesty... this is all you really NEED for the baby, besides the carseat)
  • A sleeper while in the hospital.  Our nurses last time urged me not to use our own stuff because of the lovely tar diapers the first day.  But I do think this time around we will use our own outfit. 
  • Cute bows... because... girls are fun!
  • A cute little hat.  Our hospital also provided us with one of these right after birth. 
  • A swaddling blanket... you don't NEED this.  The hospital will provide you with blankets, but they aren't cute.  So if you want cute pictures, take your own. 
  • A receiving blanket, same reason as last item. 
  • If your outfits don't have the little hand covers, you will want to take a set of little baby mittens.  Their little nails are sooo long and sharp!  

For Mommy ♥
  • a pj set that I don't mind getting ruined.  This is a SUPER soft Victoria's Secret set that I picked up at a thrift store for $2!! So needless to say, if it gets ruined by recovery fun, I'm totally ok with that! 
  • A nursing bra.  I stuck two in my bag, just in the off chance my milk comes in while I'm at the hospital and I get one dirty.  I also threw in a few nursing pads (I'm sure the hospital would have these too.  My milk didn't come in until I got home last time, so I didn't need them.)
  • A nursing tank
  • Soft socks
  • Slippers
  • BIG GRANNY UNDIES!  We aren't talking briefs.  We are talking the HUGE granny panties!  Yes they give you the pads, the ice packs, the medicated pads, the mesh undies.  But let me tell you a secret.  Once you get all of those things IN the mesh undies, they sag and try to fall down.  I learned a really helpful trick last time:  put all that on, including the mesh undies, then put the BIG granny panties on over the mesh undies and they'll stay up much better.  I don't know how many times I got up to go to the bathroom and felt like those mesh undies were going to be around my ankles by the time I got to where I needed to go! 

A few last minute items....
  •  Pillows... two of them if your hubby is staying with you!  Trust me.  You will BOTH want your own pillows to accompany the flat lifeless hospital pillows.  I do suggest putting them in a pillow case any color but white.  If you think about it, also throw a comfy blanket in the car for him too... the hospital blankets are so thin.  You won't really care, but husbands already have to sleep on a pull out couch, they might as well have a comfy blanket and pillow!
  • A Charger for your phone.
  • Toiletries.  Just the necessities.  Tooth Brush, Hair Brush, light make up (although I didn't use it last time), travel shampoo/soap.  Chapstick!!  Don't forget ponytail holders!
  • Leggings.  I will throw these in last minute too.  Last time I wore home what I wore to the hospital... less packing.  So think comfy on the way to the hospital too, if you choose this route.  I will throw an extra pair of leggings in just in case the ones I wear to the hospital become soiled. 
  • Chances are I will also throw in some essential oils for labor/delivery.   
  • An extra bag for all the extra stuff we'll take home.

 A lot of people like taking their boppy or nursing pillow.  I didn't think we needed it.  Also, you will want to throw in a few things for dad too... really all my hubby needed was pj pants/tshirt, and something to put on the next day.  Also, we didn't need vending machine $... our hospital had a little snack station for afterhours snacking.  And the cafeteria food at our hospital is AMAZING!!!

A few things to check with your hospital to make sure they provide for you (that ours did):
  • feminine pads, mesh underwear, basically anything you'll need for after birth recovery
  • diapers for baby
  • wipes for baby
  • lanolin (ours gave me some... so no need to buy any)
  • breast pump (our hospital has one in each room)
  • formula (if you aren't breast feeding)
  • any other baby necessities they should have on hand... also make sure you take all these home with you!! if a package is open, you're paying for it anyway. 
  • stool softner (you'll want this for when you're home though! just trust me!)

So there it is friends... my opinion on what you really NEED, well, what I will need.  I still have a few weeks, but I have to say - it's nice knowing that if for some reason this babe decides she wants to be early I can grab this quickly or a family member can for me.

I promise, it isn't anything to stress over... really all you need is a carseat to take your baby home in.  Realistically, everything else the hospital will provide for you... they might just not be the most comfortable to cute ;)

Yay for being even close enough to think about a hospital bag!!!

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  1. This is a great hospital bag! I love the outfits you picked out for baby girl!! Good luck with the delivery!!