So you all want to see what the wheels turning in my head have turned up recently?

I know I rarely look at others boards on pinterest... I mean, I get on there, look for myself... repin what pops up when I search or if something I like is on my feed... but that's about it.

So, when I mentioned in one of  my last posts about the projects I have in my head, I thought I'd post kind of an idea board here!

So a few different directions...

up first.

our kitchen table.  so our kitchen table has a history that I just adore!

it was a picnic table, originally bought by Rob's grandparents for his dad's 21st birthday party.  Somewhere along the line, it ended up at Rob's parent's house and was used in their back yard for years.

When we got ready to move to CO, we mentioned using it as our dining room table... before we knew it, Rob was stripping off the years upon years of coats of paint and refinishing it.  It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

All that to say, however, our seats are benches.  Which is so trendy right now and has the farmhouse table feel.  I love it.  But it's not too practical with our growing family.

Well.  The other day, I found these chairs... FOR FREE!  I'm SO EXCITED!  And got even more excited when I found someone's blog on pinterest talking about refinishing farmhouse style furniture... and in their pictures were MY FREE CHAIRS!!! I happened to score three chairs, which is perfect.  Three chairs will replace one side of bench seating.  We also have a couple of other random wooden chairs that we use for extra seating that I'd also like to paint to match these three... so what color?!
Take a look....(please click on pictures to visit original blog or website)
These are the chairs I scored for free!!!
And this is the color I want them in! 
Valspar spray paint, here I come!

So there is one of the projects that I'd really like to get done before Hayden is born... and when I saw we, I mean my husband, ha! Poor guy!  But, that robin egg blue is just wonderful... and it matches our coffee stand! 

And next is new artwork for our table area.  These are my favorites right now to try and recreate.  I will just choose one, really good sized one for our large wall.  Take a peak...

This Old Hymn holds a very special meaning
for me!

Or with some color...

Or another direction all together....

Our kitchen table area seems to be the heart of
our home... so this would be so fitting!

In other projects... the girls' room!... I know, I know... I'm suppose to be holding off on this.  And I am.  But I'm not. All at the same time, ha!

Two of these adorable guys are now ours!  A friend's
husband from back home made some for their son's nursery....
well, you can imagine the overwhelming response, so
he made more and they are selling them.  Aren't they
adorable?!!!  So....
those led to this!! My mom and I are in the creative
process of making this for the girl's room.  It will be
plural... "loved for the girls you are, the women you will
become and the precious daughters you will always be..."

I have a bout a jillion other ideas floating around my brain for a second gallery wall for their room.  I think I will keep their book shelf gallery wall the same... maybe add another H for Hayden and maybe a "sisters" chalk design.

Maybe something along these lines...
I just love the girly rustic look and want to incorporate it into their room!!

We have a few rustic vibes in our home, but I'd also like to do more.  And I love that there are so many DIY tutorials out there these days!! Now.  If I can just find time with this pregnant belly and toddler.  But I doubt I'll have more time after Hayden comes... oh goodness!

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