ugh.  i've been on such a blogging funk lately.

i feel like i have so much to blog about, i sit down, type and never post it.  which means i have about 5+ draft posts just sitting around. ha.

i'm pregnant. i'm hormonal.

i've been having all the feels... good and bad lately.  aren't you glad i've spared you from most of them?! lol.

but really?! ... i've been sad, scared, anxious, excited, loved, overjoyed, overwhelmed... and everything else in between.

here i am.  in my 34th week... which means we are in the 5 week countdown.  it's sureal. i keep reminding myself that we could have Hayden 2 weeks early... uncomfortable wise i'm ok with that... but really, i'm also ok with her waiting.  but since our first pregnancy was so early... i'm trying to not take time for granted!

yesterday was seriously the first day that i felt done.  like miserable.  hurting.  uncomfortable.  up until yesterday i was thinking i'd totally be fine going to 40 weeks.  i was impressed that i hadn't reached the point that i reached yesterday.  but then it came.

it was just all the symptoms hit me in one day.

the waddle is in full effect.
the braxton hicks contractions have taken up residence.
Hayden has started the sharp, painful jabs now.  What i refer to as alien belly!
and despite keeping my weight gain under control... i'm craving candy!! usually m&m's are in no way my go to candy.  the last two weeks its ALL I WANT!! ha! as of earlier this week at my doctors appointment, i was exactly 10lbs under my gain with Harper at this point (wait, what??!! right?!)... well, if i keep eating like this it's not going to be pretty LOL!  i mean, i'm devouring huge bags of m&ms in like two days.  it's scary, y'all!
did i mention i'm exhausted?!

the belly button has totally flattened out.  i keep thinking it might actually pop out this pregnancy... we'll see.  Harper thinks it is the funniest looking thing! i have to agree!  the lovely line under the belly button that got so dark with Harper, has stayed away this pregnancy.  i've been blessed to not have any stretch marks yet... i think there might be just a couple forming where normally the inside of my belly button might be.  but oh well!  

But.  anyway.  as i mentioned, we had a doctor's appointment this week... and will start our weekly appointments.  My doctor said everything looked great at my appointment.  Hayden is in deed head down now (thank God!!).  My doctor reassured me that my iron levels were fine.  whew!  I will be tested for the strepB wonderfulness next appointment.

i talked to her a lot about natural remedies for preparing for labor... i.e. red raspberry leaf.  i just love my doctor!! she seriously cracks me up!  she basically told me that it can't hurt anything to take it, but that she doesn't think it does anything.  we talked about a few more things and she reassured me that there is a really good chance that my body will respond better this time... that since i've been through labor once i will probably progress quicker.  which, i feel like i did once my water broke...it was just getting my water to break when i was pregnant with harper!

as far as preparation goes...
i mean how much is there to really do for girl #2?!  we don't even have her crib set up yet ha!  i've washed her clothes and blankets and put them away.  so that much is done.  i'm not sure what else really needs to be done.

my amazing moms group threw me a surprise little sprinkle today!! they showered me with diapers and wipes and cute hair bows!!! so honestly, that alone made me feel even more prepared!  we only had a few newborn diapers (like when i say a few, they were the ones harper grew out of and i packed with her newborn stuff, ha!). so now... now i feel like ok, we can do this!  our close friends are also throwing us a sprinkle next weekend.  i'm excited to celebrate our little one with them!

i need to call our insurance company to check to see if they'll cover a new pump for me or at least new parts.  anyone have tips for the best pump these days?!  with harper i used a medella and honestly, the jury is out. i'm not sure i loved it.  gasp!! i know.  they're like the king of pumps right?!  i also want to get into see a chiropractor to get adjusted before.  oh and of course i need to make an appointment for a mani/pedi!  i have a gift certificate to a local spa that i need to use that i think i will pamper myself with a high end mani/pedi! that was something i was so glad of when i had harper... that my toes and nails were done. haha.  my nurses even commented on it!  and it was a total fluke! because i had harper so early, i didn't have them done for that... in fact, i'm pretty sure i did them myself.  but none the less... it helped me feel pretty at a not so pretty time, ha!
oh and we need to install the carseats!!! i'm dreading that one!  we still do rear facing for Harper, so space is already limited in both vehicles!  any mom tips on doing two carseats?! 

so even though i freak out on a daily basis that meeting our sweet Hayden is only right around the corner... i really don't feel like there's major things to do!

we have our hospital admittance appointment tomorrow.  it's always nice to get that done... that way, no matter what, we are ready!

in other news... Harper has her 2 year old doctors appointment tomorrow too!  i'm so curious to see how much she is grown!  she seems SOO tall for her age! i can't wait to do a Harper update soon!  she is such a little firecracker!!!

xoxo ♥

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