{I love you}

We say "I love you" A Lot in our home. We say it every time we hang up the phone with one another, leave the house, or just out of the blue. 

Is it a habit? You bet!!!! But is that why we say it? Nope! There's a whole lotta love in this house! 

So it's no surprise that one of Harper's favorite phrases is, "I love you so much mommy!!! (Or daddy or baby Hayden). 

It warms my heart. Every time. It reminds me that even though we have no idea what we are doing as parents, we must be doing something right. 

So tonight my heart is full, as she rolled over in her sleep, hugging me, saying, "I love you so much mommy... Sooo much!!" 

Always, always baby girl!!! 

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