{Harper at 2 Years Old}

Our little princess, sassy, independent, love bug is two!

Yep!  Well, actually, she's been two for almost a month now but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.  yikes!

I keep looking at her and wondering where my little baby went!  She is clearly a toddler now and talks full on sentences and full on conversations.  She is SO much fun!  She is a spitfire... and so ornery, but she is such a joy!

Happiness continues to just radiate from her... it seeps out of her eyes and smile.

Not much gets passed her.  She is quick and so stinking smart!! I have people ask me a lot what I do with her... activities and such, because she is so smart and she talks more like a three year old.  I'd love to say that we do organized preschool activities every day... we do activities often, but definitely not every day, and definitely not as often as I'd like. She seriously is just a smarty pants!  They only thing that we can even remotely take credit for is the fact we have read to her since she was tiny and instilled a love for reading and for books in her.  Other than that, we have Dora, Elmo, and Sofia to thank ;)

I would normally make a list of things she's doing now that she's two, but really it would be never ending.  There's not much this girl can't do!  She has been such a HUGE help to me lately now that I'm not moving around as quickly or as easily as I once was before being 9 months pregnant, ha!

But just a few highlights right now, for the first part of her two year old year:

  • we've started potty training.  She has basically trained herself.  Once again, it's one of those ridiculous things that I just look at her and wonder who is the adult here?!  We are taking it slow since Hayden could come any day now really... I want to leave room for regression without it stressing her out.  So we will continue with diapers/pull ups, even though she constantly keeps them dry. I literally haven't changed a poopy diaper in over a week!
  • she LOVES singing and will sing at the top of her lungs!  Anything from Jesus Loves Me to songs from her favorite Sofia the First episodes.  
  • i literally over heard her playing doctor the other day with her babies and heard her say, as clear as day... "I have a diagnosis!!!".  Um.  what?! how do you even know what that means my tiny one?! Thank you Doc McStuffins! 
  • she loves on my baby belly about every hour of the day, saying "I love you so much baby Hayden!"
  • oh, and she's also learned manipulation... when we get upset with her, out comes the "I love you so much mommy/daddy" and the tears.  lovely. 
I honestly could go on and on...  she is just wonderful!

At her 2 year appointment, she was only weighing in at 22lbs (our little peanut!!) which puts her in the 4th percentile for her age.. yikes!  But she's super tall at almost 34inches!  If only people saw how much this child eats... its more than me most of the time!  She is just on the go.. CONSTANTLY!!!  We are lucky if she takes an hour nap most days. ha!  

I will attempt to post the video of her singing Jesus Loves Me before too long.  It is just the cutest!  She loves Jesus and loves praying with mommy and daddy... it warms my heart!!

She is going to be the BEST big sister!!! ♥

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