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Ok, so here is one of those draft posts that was definitely more for myself, or so I think, than posting.  But I just felt led to post it today.  I hope it blesses you!  Make sure you check out Pastor Dan's message that I linked below! ♥

Often times when we go in the direction God wants us to go, there will be resistance. 

I have often in my life looked at things as signs or a message that I need to change my direction when I come up against obstacles along the way, when I thought God was leading me in a certain direction. 

Well.  You know those messages on Sunday mornings that just stick with you?  I mean, let's be honest, more often than not, we have to try to make messages from Sundays stick.  For me, if I don't stay plugged in to the scripture and what was discussed on Sundays it goes in one ear and out the other.  I hope that some sticks in my heart on the way through, and I think it does, but as far as cognitively sticking?  I can't say I'm too great at that. 

But.  A couple of Sundays ago, the message at our church stuck.  You can listen to it here (Curing) if you'd like, along with all the other messages from our church.  I really encourage you to listen to this message from our student pastor!

I'm not proud to say, that I am easily swayed.  I'm realizing now, that the enemy uses this to his advantage.  I've always liked to think that I'm listening... listening to those small whispers from God, directing me to or from a situation.  Now, I'm not saying that also doesn't happen.  Which makes this so hard!! Even as a long time Christ follower, sometimes that discernment can be so hard!  This makes daily, constant, prayer so necessary!

As we set out to do things God calls us to do, it won't always be comfortable. 

While listening to this message, James 1:2 kept flashing through my brain: 

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance."  
This passage has meant so many different things to me through out the years..

  • comfort when my first marriage ended.  That within that trial I was being molded and shaped, into the person God wanted me to be... FOR whom he had for me.  
  • comfort in the loss of two pregnancies.  That even through unexplained sorrow, I could still find joy in the discipline of my faith and the promises that God had for me.
Spiritual discipline my friends. God allows these tests, to strengthen us, to shape us into who He sees we are becoming! Not just the person we see ourselves as today, but the person He KNOWS we are and will become.

This is something that our little family is really focusing on this year.  With our word surrender and the word fruitful as a vision for our family... along with that comes spiritual discipline.  and along with spiritual discipline comes spiritual warfare

Friends, if you are finding your selves distracted from the path God has shown you, or even tempted to be distracted... you are under spiritual attack from the enemy!  

Now listen up.  This is straight holy spirit talk...(because this is not where I intended this blog post to go!)

it can be as little as going to church on Sundays.  
reading your bible daily.
or as big as changing lives/the world.   

The enemy doesn't want either one to happen.  To him, both are a threat.  you are a threat.  Take that as the utmost compliment!  if the enemy is trying to detour your path or if you are all of a sudden having thoughts of, "well, I thought this is where God was leading us, maybe He's not..." Take joy in that!  "consider it pure joy!"

As Pastor Dan says in his message, if you have set out on a discipline on a path to do what God wants you to do... there's never really a point where that is wrong.  Don't let the enemy make it feel wrong! Don't let the enemy whisper confusion over you. 

When you know something is the right path, the path God has shown you, don't let the things that get in the way allow you to be swayed.  As cliche as it sounds, God's path isn't always the easiest. 

"staying where you're suppose to be"... He's not asking us to just begin, but to continue!

Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going.” “He always keeps his word.” Hebrews 10:23

So be encouraged friends! 
Don't forget the grace of God!  If we are friends on facebook, you probably saw the quote I shared from this message:  "Failure doesn't mean give up. Failure means run to God!"  We will always need God and his wonderful Grace!

love you friends! ♥

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