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The cute little "Hayden" sign at my surprise sprinkle!

Sprinkled with Love: Our friends and family have gone above and beyond lately to sprinkle us with necessities needed for Hayden!  It started off at my mom's group at church a couple weeks ago when they surprised me with a little diaper and wipes sprinkle!! I was so surprised and blessed by them!!

Then our sister in law had offered to throw us a shower a while back.  We decided on a necessities/fun things shower.  We have so much left from Harper to use for Hayden.  We were so blessed by all of our friends and family!  We have diapers in all sizes stocked up and wipes.  And even have some SUPER CUTE fun bows and outfits for our little princess!! ♥  We have been so blessed by such wonderful people in our lives!!
Our "sprinkle" at Matt & Leah's!
How cute is this?!

Craving: Oh my.  My love for M&M's has reached a ridiculous level!! The hubby even bought me a 3.5lb bag recently!  And even in one of our gifts at our sprinkle, was a bag of M&M's ha!  I don't think I ever craved anything like this with Harper!  With Hayden it's been M&M's and Sonic mozzarella sticks... ha!  I'm definitely paying for it in the weight gain!  I went from around 14lbs of gain to 18!! yikes! 

Nesting:  I've honestly been feeling a little anxious and stressed... and the only thing I can chalk it up to is that there really isn't much nesting to do with a second baby.  We have the needed things.  She is cosleeping in our room.  We are leaving the girls' room as is for awhile... so... there really hasn't been much to do!
But!  We did put up Hayden's crib as a cosleeper in our room!  And this weekend we installed her carseat and turned Harper front facing (insert mama scared face here!). 

Harper telling Hayden her bed is ready!! ♥
Trying out her front facing seat, and helping daddy put Hayden's seat RIGHT where she
wanted it... right by her!

Potty Training:  Yeah, because when you're 9 months pregnant, it's a great time to start potty training your toddler, right?! ha!  She is doing great! and quite honestly does a lot of it herself!  It is AMAZING!  I depend a lot on her daddy too... cause this mama is TIRED!  But we are planning on keeping her in pullups until transition into big sister land is comfortable!... mostly to avoid any regression.  Harper is pretty obsessive with things.  I'm afraid the regression for her would be greater.  She doesn't like things messy and gets really disappointed when her diaper is wet. 

apparently, our prime 2
day shipping means 6 day?!
Shopping:  I freaked out a little this weekend, after Hayden dropping quite a bit and my braxton hicks contractions taking on a whole new level!  I realized we did in fact have a few things that we needed.  So to Target we went!  We got the newborn paci's we wanted to use (Harper picked them out... so cute), some cute little mittens for Hayden's hands, new tommee tippee bottles, milk storage bags, and just a few other odds and ends.  And after venting to the husband... he found these great deals on amazon for me!  You know you're a mama when you get excited about breast pump parts and storage bottles! ha!

Anyway, that's what we've been up to for the most part.  We can't think much past our sweet little girl being born.  We are just so excited!! Harper woke up from her nap yesterday and asked if Hayden was here yet.  When I said no not yet, baby... she replied with "she's still in your tummy?!"... ha!  I think she is getting more than ready as well to meet her little sister!  We talk about it a lot.  I told her how mommy's tummy is going to hurt pretty bad, she will get to go play at Amma and Ampa's and mommy and daddy will go to the hospital where the doctor will help Hayden come out of mommy's tummy - Then Amma and Ampa will bring her to see us!  She seemed quite ok with that scenario!  Let's hope its that simple ;)  

Prayers are appreciated over the next couple of weeks!!
Love you friends!!!

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