Oh my! We've been busy!! I feel like I have been so absent from everything but my family, and even then maybe a little.

I feel like things are evening out a bit.


the beginning of last week I got a not so fun head cold. Rob then caught it. Lovely. Thankfully Harper's immune system stepped up and she didn't get it! So the beginning of last week k spent most of the days - in bed - emotional - hormonal - & having a pity party! I'm serious. Being sick and pregnant is seriously the worst. And I really think it has a lot to do with those dang hormones!!


we celebrated our little princess all weekend!!! Friday her daddy took the day off so we could spend it as a family of 3 (3.5 I guess haha). We woke up, cuddled and cuddled, she got to open her presents from us, got ready and headed to our favorite breakfast cafe, then to the zoo! It was an unusually 60 degree day here in Colorado! It was perfect! We had the best time! Our passes expire in March... I doubt we will renew them this year since Hayden will be so little - probably the next year.

Mommy thought she needed a special baby and
all the fun stuff to go with it... man, good call!  She
is obsessed!

Her Daddy got her a Sophia (aka sophipha) tea set ♥

It was a little cold, so in the morning the giraffes were inside. 
Feeding the Hippos with Daddy and Anthony.
Feeding and chasing chickens!
When the giraffes are outside you get to get SO close to them and feed them
it is awesome!!

So anyway, we were happy to get a warm day in before they expired. Harper loves the zoo! We have a dear friend that is a zoo keeper, so he always tries to get us a behind the scenes special experience when we are there - which means Harper gets totally spoiled! This time she got to feed the hippos cabbage and go chase the chickens around inside their fence.  She loves it all!! Our zoo also has an amazing giraffe exhibit. Like AMAZING!! 

Anyway, after the zoo we went home for naps and then headed out to steak and shake for an early dinner and birthday shakes!! So fun!! 
Harper eating her birthday shake.

The rest of the evening we just spent time together.

Saturday morning we had Rob's parents and his brother and our sister in law and kiddos over for a birthday breakfast and birthday cupcakes! It was so fun!!! My goal was to not make a fuss or go over board this year. I just didn't have the energy. So I had picked up some cute decorations from the dollar tree and some store bought cupcakes and called it good. And guess what!  Harper loved  every second!! It was a good lesson for me!
Harper and her Daddy and "Amma"
Happy Birthday Princess!!
Harper, her Ampa, and her cousins Blakely and Levi.  Aren't
those chairs adorable???

Welcoming Fun Changes:

Rob got Harper's "tree house" as she calls it finished! It is the CUTEST space for her to play! Most of our downstairs is still her playroom, but now she has a little extra fun space that is just her size! And as one of her birthday presents, she got the cutest bean bag chairs to go in it. She and her cousins played tea party and had just the best time in there this weekend!!
One corner of her "tree house"
The other back corner ♥
Going into her "tree house"

Big Girl Bed Intros:

Running on her bed ♥

Harper's daddy put up her big girl bed this past weekend!! And she's obsessed!! It is seriously so cute!! We also found a great deal on new sheets and a new quilt. Just the cutest finishing touches! I am SO happy with how it turned out. And she loves playing on it and laying on it. So far so good with sleep. Rob made fun of me, as I pulled her crib mattress out and put it on the floor just in case she rolls off haha.

More Celebrating:

I got the fun treat to celebrate one of my dear friends birthdays, at one of my favorite restaurants, with some of my favorite friends... Kid free!! At first it started as a couples dinner, but it ended up being mostly us girls and a couple of the hubbys that could go. My brother in law volunteered to watch Harper and their kids so my sis in law and I could go together and have a fun evening. Then another dear friends husband offered the same. So we all ended up going together. It was so fun!! And a much needed mama escape! And a wonderful time celebrating Autumn!!! 

Hibernating: we have had quite the snow storm Sunday, Monday and continuing today!! I'd say we have at least a foot + of snow outside right now. Parts of town are reporting 18-20+ inches. Craziness!! I was out in it for a bit yesterday morning and it wasn't too bad. Rob had to work yesterday, and he said there wasn't much sliding since the snow is so deep. He has the day off with us today- so we will be hibernating today!  We started the day with lots of warm cuddles, pancakes, and coffee.

Have a great day, friends!!!
xoxo ♥

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