{36 weeks)

um.  excuse me.  how did I get to my 9th month of pregnancy?!

next week I will be considered full term!!

I had another check up today and everything is looking great!  my m&m's are catching up with me, haha!  I've gained a total of 18lbs so far! It's still low, so I'm ok with that... I would just rather not blow up at the end.  Note to self... curb the m&m pig outs!

today was the stepB and she began checking me for dilation.  I was SO happy to hear that I wasn't dilated yet.  I've been having some crazy braxton hicks contractions, so I was a bit concerned that maybe they were actually doing something.  Hayden is still majorly in my ribs, so I knew she hadn't dropped too much.

I got the nicest compliment from my doctor today.  So we all know how annoying it is to be told that you're tiny or that you're huge when you're pregnant.  poor people.. really there is no winning with us hormonal pregnant ladies!  but today, my doctor phrased it in such a nice way that i didn't feel weird.  She told me my baby belly was nice and compact and all out front!  And she made it sound like a compliment.  I think that was the first time anyone has commented on my size while pregnant that I actually didn't feel judged one way or the other. 

My doctor also nicely mentioned to me that now is the time to get things done.  I mentioned to her that we are planning on installing the car seat next week, since I'll be 37 weeks next week.  She then gently reminded me that Harper came at 38 weeks, haha!  So, I'm not sure if I'm suppose to take that as "get your butt in gear"... or just as a reminder.

As far as preparations go...

The crib is up in our room as a cosleeper!!

We've had two sprinkles now... and have been SOOO unbelievably blessed with diapers and other necessities!  Our friends are just the best!

I packed an over night bag for Harper and took it to my in-laws today to leave there.  One less thing to think of when it's go time! 

We have a big sister gift for Harper, that Hayden will give her when they meet.  I also bought stuff to make a Big Sister shirt for her to wear to the hospital.  I just need to make it, haha... what was I thinking?! I'll post soon enough about all my "projects"... I think my nesting is making me crafty... ugh!

I'd still like to pick up some See's candy or something yummy for our nurses.  They were SO wonderful last time!

But I mean really, there's not much else to do!

Can't wait to meet our little Hayden!!!

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