Currently, we are/have been....

The cute little "Hayden" sign at my surprise sprinkle!

Sprinkled with Love: Our friends and family have gone above and beyond lately to sprinkle us with necessities needed for Hayden!  It started off at my mom's group at church a couple weeks ago when they surprised me with a little diaper and wipes sprinkle!! I was so surprised and blessed by them!!



So you all want to see what the wheels turning in my head have turned up recently?

I know I rarely look at others boards on pinterest... I mean, I get on there, look for myself... repin what pops up when I search or if something I like is on my feed... but that's about it.


{36 weeks)

um.  excuse me.  how did I get to my 9th month of pregnancy?!

next week I will be considered full term!!


{Harper at 2 Years Old}

Our little princess, sassy, independent, love bug is two!

Yep!  Well, actually, she's been two for almost a month now but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.  yikes!


{don't be easily swayed... }

Ok, so here is one of those draft posts that was definitely more for myself, or so I think, than posting.  But I just felt led to post it today.  I hope it blesses you!  Make sure you check out Pastor Dan's message that I linked below! ♥


{I love you}

We say "I love you" A Lot in our home. We say it every time we hang up the phone with one another, leave the house, or just out of the blue. 

Is it a habit? You bet!!!! But is that why we say it? Nope! There's a whole lotta love in this house! 

So it's no surprise that one of Harper's favorite phrases is, "I love you so much mommy!!! (Or daddy or baby Hayden). 

It warms my heart. Every time. It reminds me that even though we have no idea what we are doing as parents, we must be doing something right. 

So tonight my heart is full, as she rolled over in her sleep, hugging me, saying, "I love you so much mommy... Sooo much!!" 

Always, always baby girl!!! 


{pregnancy insomnia}

It's in full force folks. 

The last few nights I've gotten very little - no sleep! 

Tonight, I talked the husband into watching tv with me at 1am ha!! 

Then he fell asleep. Lucky guy!!! 

Then Harper woke up... I gladly went in her room to hang out. She wanted me to cuddle her back to sleep. Again. Gladly. My little one!! 

Now she's snoozing, husband is snoring. I'm wide awake. And Hayden is doing monster flips and jabs. Apparently ahe thinks it's a party. A 3am party. Signs if nights to come, I'm sure. 

So I guess I'll go back to researching raspberry leaf usage for the end of pregnancy. Sigh. 

Yay third trimester perks 😑



{the hospital bag... the second time around}

the bag... it's a large 31 tote.  I love it.  It's so roomy that there is
room for my stuff and Hayden's!
Well. As much as I had a little freak out this week that we have entered the "6 weeks and ___ number of days" ... because wow! That seems like not much time!! I thought it might be time to pack the overly talked about hospital bag.  Us expectant moms, we way overly talk about THE HOSPITAL BAG!  What to take, what not to take... what's needed, what isn't needed.  And honestly there are opinions all across the board.

The first time around I had thought through it.  And I thought I had done a pretty good job!  And I did... I didn't miss anything that I wish I had brought.  But that being said... I packed WAY too much!

I will tell you this.  You won't really know what you'll want clothes/pj's wise in the hospital until you've been through it. I had friends all across the board.  Some said they couldn't stand having pants on and suggested night gowns.  Some said they wanted nothing but comfy pj pants.  Some said they wore the hospital gown the whole time.  So I took both.  PJ's and a gown.  I didn't touch the gown.  I honestly stayed in the hospital gown for the first bit til things settled down and I wasn't needing to be checked every hour or so, then I switched to PJ's.  But.  I'm getting a little ahead of myself.



Oh my! We've been busy!! I feel like I have been so absent from everything but my family, and even then maybe a little.

I feel like things are evening out a bit.