{when did that happen?!}

So, here I lay - in my toddler's twin bed with her. Helping her fall asleep for the night. 

It's no secret- we interrupted our normally close to perfect days for some pretty tough days the past 5 days or so!! ... Mostly my fault. I've had some rough pregnancy days- just not feeling well, which equates to a grumpy, impatient mommy without much energy and a lot of tv for Harper. Just not a good combo. Plus then I feel guilty for not actually teaching her anything and not facilitating a fun, learning environment- which leads to more grumpiness. Ugh. Anyway. 

She and I had a great evening tonight. Daddy is working late - Harper requested pizza for dinner. It was just a low key mommy/Harpie night. 

One of her new things to do, while falling asleep - is to wrap her arms around my neck, and repeat "I love you soooo muuch mommy!!! Soooo much!!" It melts my heart!!

Tonight, as she was doing this - I thought of quite a few months back - around 3months - maybe 8 months, when she had to rub my face to get to sleep. 

I'm still laying here, trying to remember when that stopped!!! When was the last night I was her human security blanket? How did that stop without it breaking my heart?! 

Have you all seen the video  Facebook floating around Facebook?.. 

It will rip your mommy heart out and shred it into pieces!!!! 

How do these moments go by so fast? & often without us even knowing it's a "last"... 

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