{the good days...}

So, I already blogger this morning about just how blessed I am!!!
But you know those days that everything just seems to click?  As a mom, you begin to learn those are a little more scarce than you'd like! And if you have a few in a row and you naively begin to think you have this motherhood thing figured out... Well.... Hahahaha!  Yeah. Entering from stage left - the biggest breakdown from your child in your life as a mom. Ha! I've learned to never think I have this thing figured out. Ever.

But today.  Today, everything just clicked, and left me wondering - why can't every day be this way?  Which I know the answer - I have an almost two year old.  I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant.  It's just a crazy combo for any normalcy.

But today our energy levels have matched a bit more and it helped that her daddy was home with us a bit this morning too-  he normally heads into work around 7.

So this morning, we snuggled in bed extra long and headed out to breakfast!  I'm a sucker for biscuits and gravy and well - when you have a hubby that's trying to stick to a gluten free/dairy free diet, you just don't make those at home.  So what a treat!

We got home and Harper was in the PERFECT tot school mood!! She wasn't in the crazy, not listening, just want to dump all my toys out, mood that most toddlers are in a lot of the time!

So mommy broke out the kinetic sand!  That led to talking about noah (the sand was blue like water) and the ark and all the animals.

So we broke out her noah's ark and the animals to play in the blue sand.

Then we listened to one of her favorite youtube songs about Noah (she's a bit obsessed with noah and the ark right now... the animals two by two, etc).

Then that led into more playing with her Noah's Ark.  and eventually a craft and practicing gluing and cutting!

putting dots on her rainbow!

practicing cutting... these are VERY child friendly scissors!
and she's always supervised with them ♥

Again... why can't every morning be like this???

Reading her Noah's Ark Book!

Dancing with a YouTube Toddler Exercise Video

Here's to the almost perfect days!! & even to the not so perfect days! I'll take them all. Being a mommy is so fun!! ... Whether it's a day filled with time outs and pushing & testing boundaries or a day of tot school fun! 

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