Every year we, along with our amazing friends, ask God to give us a vision for the year. This is typically one word, one focus for the year that we hear God whispering in our hearts.

In example, our word for 2014 was JOY. God showed us joy, reminding us to enjoy the season we were entering- parenthood. And oh my goodness what an enjoyable year it was!!! 

Our word for 2015 was GROWTH. I remember blogging last year how it kind of scared me. It was a challenging word. And, well - 2015 was SUCH a year of growth! ... Personally, in our marriage and in our family - literally as well as externally and visually. And also internally. 

Harper turned one. My cousin passed away. We transitioned from cosleeping to Harper sleeping in her own room. We were blessed with a new car. Our niece got married and we traveled to MO for her wedding. We found out we were expecting and then discovered we had a miscarriage. We went on a 'stay-cation' to Denver and wrapped it up with a little marriage get away- our first night away from Harper. We found out we were expecting Hayden - and pregnancy fear crept in. I quit my job to stay home with our girls. We started attending a new church.  We made it through the first trimester and finally pregnancy joy began.  I started serving in ministry at our church a few hours a week. We found out we were having a girl. We celebrated 5 years of marriage. We traveled to CA for a much needed family vacation and saw many friends and family. The holidays began and life flew by. 

2015 we cried a lot, but we laughed even more. We were challenged in our marriage and as parents, but God's wisdom and grace prevailed. We fell even more in love with one another and grew closer together and to God. 

As Rob and I began talking about what God was showing each of us for 2016, we were mostly in agreement. That 2016 would be a year of focusing on God, weeding out distractions and concentrating on our family. Completely surrendering to Gods plan for our family, to His wisdom. Our goal is for our family to be fruitful. 

So our vision for 2016 is SURRENDER.

full surrender is a bit scary, but it is what God has asked of us. We are so excited for 2016!! 

We rang in the new year with our best friends! We all got to sit around, talk about the year as well as the upcoming year - share our words with one another and talk about the word we had shared with one another last year. I love our friends and the ability to be so transparent with one another! We then prayed over each other and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead us as we wrote one another a heart felt message. It was a beautiful evening!! Rob's parents also offered to watch Harper, so around 9 they came by and picked her up for a sleep over!... So we actually made it past midnight, ha!  My very pregnant self was quite tired the next day - but it was so worth it!  It was a great New Years Eve!

And when your friends own a photography business.... of course they set up a photobooth!! SO much fun....

 Today, we slept in!  Then got up, got around, and went and picked up our princess.  Then we went and met Matt, Leah, & kids, as well as Andy and Glorie for donuts, then headed over to their house for more breakfast and games while the kids played and played! Then we headed back to our house for nap time - mommy's and Harper's.  It was a wonderful first day of 2016!


  1. I love reading about everyone's "word of the year." Surrender is a good one!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa!! I agree - I love reading everyone's visions and goals! So inspiring 💜