Ok. Honestly I never make resolutions. I think they're setting yourself up for failure. 

But this year - I'm gonna give it a try. 

I have a bad habit of letting people anger me. And really that's what it boils down to. I let them. 

Our friends had a deep conversation on New Year's Eve. You know. The 2am kind. Ha! But there was a lot of wisdom in it. 

The fact that when we get upset with others it is almost always a reflection of insecurity or issues within ourselves. Ouch. So true. 

I tend to care too much - too much about things that really shouldn't matter or that are none of my business. 

So. My goal is to change this. It goes a long with our word of surrender and being fruitful and limiting my time on social media. 

I'm going to focus on my family - our girls. Our friends. Our relationships. And really, everything else can just fall into place. 

Pray for me friends!! It's time to fully enjoy the life God has so greatly blessed me with - worry less about others and focus on God. 

Did any of you make resolutions? Do you normally? I pray discipline for you as you tackle them!!! ❤️

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