{our girls' room}

So I posted awhile back that our girls are going to be sharing a room... Eventually anyway.

A few weeks ago I started organizing their closet. And last weekend I got Harper's baby clothes out and washed them, and put them away for Hayden. 

From the beginning I've said we'd wait to put the crib and baby stuff up in their room - keeping things as consistent for Harper as long as possible- because we will cosleep for awhile. And the way our house is set up... we have two bedrooms upstairs and one down.  I really don't feel comfortable with either one of the being by themselves downstairs or both by themselves upstairs, yet.

But it is getting sooo hard!!! I can't wait to decorate their room!!! We will keep some of the decor but I'm excited to make new things and rearrange. I'm about to go crazy haha!! I'm such an over planner - waiting isn't something I'm good at. At all.

and the thing that is also SO exciting... my mom has a machine that makes vinyl lettering... OH.MY.CREATIVENESS!!! I'm so excited haha.  I seriously sent her about a jillion pins yesterday!  My only problem now... I need more wall space for all these projects spewing out of me!! And... the right time to actually start doing them! oy!  Yesterday I was spazing out... saying, mom! do you realize all the things you could do with that??!!

So... Want see some of my favorite Pinterest ideas right now?! Please just click on the pictures to be redirected to the actual site or the pinterest link (some of the links didn't work directly from the sites)! ♥  These amazing mamas deserve the credit for the hardwork they put into these rooms!

Ok.  This room!  Minus all the pink.  This
will more than likely be our set up.  The
room isn't huge, so we will need to make use
of the space best possible.  

Oh... and I'm seriously thinking we might do away with the changing table (insert shocked face here...).  Good idea?  Bad idea?  yikes.  I'm not sure.  I mean, you don't HAVE to change a babies diaper on a changing table, right?!

So.  this picture.  I'm on the look out for a shabby
bed frame for Harper's bed!  My plan is to paint it
a similar color as these and do the same for when Hayden
is bigger - if they still want to share a room. 

Ok.  you guys.  the polka dots.  the bumtings
above the beds.  the iron beds.  everything about
this room screams my taste!  

I'm a bit obsessed with two kinds of beds:  jenny lind beds and antique iron beds.  The iron beds scare me.  Walmart even has some "replicas" that are super cheap as well as Ikea.  But.  well.  Harper is a bed jumper.  not that a wooden frame won't hurt too... but.  I don't know. 

the simple design of this room makes
my heart happy!  i wish i was better at the simple decor.
mine usually takes on a little more of this.....

which I also happen to love.  But you can see the
difference.  ♥ 
Ok.  So there are some of my favorites for now! I have a lot pinned publicly and some privately... but Feel free to check out the inside of my brain the next few months on my pinterest boards! ♥ 

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