Our Almost Two Year Old...

As I sit here, thinking this time two years ago, I was having full blown contractions. As I'm holding my almost two year old, I'm not sure where time has gone. Where have all these precious, fleeting moments gone? I don't think two years have ever gone so quickly!!! 

Here is a repost of the first post I did after Harper was born. "& then we had everything"... 

Original post can be found here: https://blessedmamaslife.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/then-we-had-everything/
as i sit here with the MOST beautiful baby girl in my arms, a I can’t help but overwhelmed with joy. there’s that word again…
the word that God promised me for 2014, except i could never EVER fathom this amount of joy that would fill my heart!
this past week has been one whirlwind of a romance tale.  but here goes… a recap of the best week of my life (a photo dump of pictures is sure to follow… stay tuned ♥).
last Saturday, i headed out to work our first home show of the season.  my boss told me that i had a pass on this one, but i insisted since it would (more than likely) be my last of the season.  so Saturday morning was a busy morning of standing on my feet… yep, at 9 1/2 months pregnant, ha! but, it wasn’t that bad and we got tons of leads… then Sunday my coworker and good friend’s husband was so amazing by blessing us with an unbelievable maternity photo session. take a look at those amazing pictures here… Visit his facebook page for even  more! … Then we headed out to dinner with Josh and Jess, for a great time of visiting and fun!
Well, all this excitement must have made miss Harper want to get here early! Monday morning I woke up to contractions.  They were fairly regular, so I decided to stay put at home for a bit.  I got up, got around, and they seemed to slow down a little and space themselves out further, so into work I went… after all, it was baby shower day! & what a fun day I had celebrating Harper with my co workers! … as usual, we were extremely blessed & spoiled! 

after the shower, as if she knew it was her party and couldn’t miss it… the contractions picked up again.  by tuesday morning, I was pretty sure this was the real deal… prelabor.  We went ahead and just kept our regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and sure enough, I was dilating and effaced… & Harper had dropped! My doctor sent me to the birth center for monitoring, she mentioned she thought she’d be meeting our little gal soon! So to the birth center we went.  They put me in triage and hooked me up to the machine.  Sure enough, contractions were regular, close together but they wanted them to be lasting longer, so home we went.  Actually, we went to my inlaws, who live closer to the hospital.  Again, reminding myself this is what I wanted… I wanted to labor at home… be careful what you wish for! So by Tuesday around midnight, I was exhausted and in full labor mode.  The contractions were intense and close… so back to the birth center, only to be sent away again because even though I was practically 100% effaced, I hadn’t really dilated much more.  Worst thing to hear EVER, when you feel like your whole insides are coming out, lol.  So we headed home… I wasn’t convinced that she was coming anytime soon, even though the nurse said she was sure she’d see us in a few hours.  Well, a few hours later my water broke and there we were, back and being admitted. And I was far enough along in the process I was able to get an epidural quickly! Those were (at the time) the best words of the day!! My contractions had gotten so powerful and so close together, I needed a break! So an iv and a couple epidurals later (yes they had to do it twice)…I was finally pain free , or so I thought.  I was enjoying this whole labor thing, we had our family in the delivery room, they guys were playing cards, everyone was just hanging out and then they all headed down to the cafe to eat lunch and let me rest (I hadn’t slept in days).  Well, that’s when I started getting the unbelievable urge to push… and it HURT! I told my nurse and we decided it must just be pressure, but she’d call the dr to check me out, mean while, I pushed the “more drugs” button on my epidural to no avail.  My doctor came in, examined me and looked at me with big eyes and said “it’s time!!!!”.  I was SO excited! As I began pushing and “other things” started happening, we soon realized my epidural wasn’t working.  But at this time it was too late, Harper was on her way.  And then, then… the next 30 minutes I would describe as the hardest moments of my life – physically and mentally.  But with my amazing husband right by my side, cheering me on and holding my hand (there was a LOT of this those few days) and my nurse who I swear was heaven sent… once they placed Harper on my chest, my world changed forever.
There were tears… hers, mine, and her daddy’s.  There was laughter of joy and thankfulness.  She was here! Right there, staring at me with just as much amazement in her eyes as I had in mine.  It was truly love at first site! From that moment, it seemed like the easiest, most natural, wonderful thing in the whole entire world.  All that pain was gone… all that was left was love.
We hung out just the three of us (and occasional hospital staff) in the delivery room for the next hour, just getting her clean so that we could have our first feeding.  Then we asked the family back in to meet our precious little gal! Another nurse then came in and helped Rob give Harper her first bath.  Honestly, seeing that immediate love in his eyes those first few moments… I really can’t describe it.  It’s something no one can prepare you for or describe.
We then were moved to our private room and treated like royalty! We chose to have Harper with us non stop… she never left our arms.  It was truly amazing.  We were blessed to only have to stay in the hospital 24hours.  We were able to bring her home and get all settled quickly! I honestly never thought I’d be that mom… the one that stays in the hospital for a limited amount of time and then is out and about with her baby the next day… but there I was.  I’m so thankful for amazing healing for myself and for an amazingly beautiful, healthy baby! Coming from someone who read every “things you didn’t know about having a baby” post… I can honestly say none of them prepared me for becoming a mom.  I hope to write my own before too long… because really, there’s a lot that the “things no one tells you” posts … don’t tell you!!! It’s quite possibly the hardest most wonderful experience you will ever face.  I’m already loving every second of motherhood… every second! even the 4am feeding and 2am crying/poopie diapers… I truly feel like God purposed me to be Harper’s mom… I see it every time those big blue eyes stare into mine and I feel complete… I see it every time I see her Daddy hold her and smile the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on any person’s face, ever! She is our little miracle… our living, breathing example of answered prayers & God’s all knowing power and plan.
so, off to feed my little love bug.  hope to blog again soon, we’ll see… all that is on my radar these days are feeding schedules, diaper changes, pee & poop dances (who knew that would become so important to us???), and just loving on my little family ♥
one PROUD mama ♥

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