Harper has become sooo excited about church!! In fact, when Rob and I are both home in the mornings she assumes it's a church day & has started asking, "go to church? Play with friends?" It's so cute!!! Just lately Rob's schedule has been different so we've both been home in the mornings more and she's been a little confused haha. 

But anyway, today we got a compliment from her teacher that just made my day!!! It took me back to a season that dropping her off on her class was miserable!! 

One of her teachers said, "I wish they all were this easy!!!" As Harper walked right in to her class and started playing. 

Rob and I both laughed!!! Because about 6 months ago, I dreaded church - I chose not to go sometimes - because leaving your child as she's crying is hard! I know from working in early childhood it's part of development - and logically I knew it was ok - ok to walk away with her crying - we needed to teach her that if mommy and daddy left we would come back. But that didn't make it easier. It was hard. But when we started our new church, the timing was perfect - the teachers are super consistent and life got so much easier!! Harper loves her teachers!! 

So today, All of a sudden I realized I went from being the mom leaving her screaming child to the moms I use to look at and wonder how they did it - how it was that easy. 

I have to give all the credit to Harper and her teachers!! ❤️

& on the Hayden front - she moves and grooves all through worship!! Harper use to do the exact same thing. It just warms my heart - it is as if their little souls already know their savior - the one who knitted them together in my womb!! & I just love it!! 

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