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So as you've read, I had the fun opportunity of collaborating with Pink Blush Maternity last week!  It was SO fun!

I honestly LOVE maternity style!

I can say that, even through being uncomfortable and all the aches and pains I never feel prettier than when I'm pregnant!  I think it it is such a magical time.  And just having the amazing opportunity and blessing to be growing life inside of me... it's just amazing!!

I love taking pieces, even from my pre-pregnancy, wardrobe and mixing and matching and dressing the bump!  I loved it my first pregnancy and it is still so fun this pregnancy. And winter/fall time pregnancies... they are SO fun!! I have yet to be pregnant during the summer (well, full on belly).  But I can just imagine the maxi skirts/dresses... so fun!

My biggest piece of advice... use your regular clothes.  Put on a cute maternity tshirt and throw on a non-maternity flannel or cardigan.  You can get super cute, yet super cheap, tshirts at Ross or even target!  And stripes... let stripes be your friend!! Put on a cute striped top and throw on a scarf and cardigan over it!  There are times I feel like the only clothes they make in maternity are stripes ha! Embrace them.  Let it work for you!  If you're like me and hate the site of a huge stripe going all around your belly... cover it up!  Like I said... cardigan!

SCARVES!  CARDIGANS!!! They will be your BEST FRIEND if you are a budget friendly person! And both of these items aren't maternity... meaning you can use what you have or buy new without worrying that you're spending money on something that you'll only wear a few weeks/months.  

Now granted, sure, there are a lot of days that I look at my closet and think "none of this fits... like none of it!" But I'm not a flowie-hide your bump-shirt type of pregnant mom.  I love the more form fitting tops that show off that baby!  I really do feel they are more flattering.  To me, the flowy tops make you look even bigger than you are. Those are for post-pregnancy when you want to hide that bump, ha! Right now people expect you to have a tummy... embrace it!

So many people comment on how tiny I am still.  Even Rob's coworkers ask him if I was this tiny my last pregnancy, ha!  A lot of people assume there are no challenges for me in maternity style because I'm "so small."


Let's take a trip down memory lane.

6 weeks pregnant with Hayden!
Here is what I looked like when I was about 6 weeks along. I clearly remember taking this picture... for a few reasons.  I wanted to be able to compare stomach to stomach how much my body changed, and I also wanted the reminder that it is possible to get back to pre-pregnancy (or close to it).  But come on people.  from that to what I am now... sure I may still look tiny to you, but that is a big change!!!

So no excuses!! anyone can enjoy dressing their bump ;)   I have my challenges too.  I'm constantly in between being able to wear my regular clothes and maternity clothes.  I have yet to find a pair of maternity pants that will stay up without the help of a belly band.  It's ridiculous.  And most of the tops that fit me correctly everywhere else, my belly pops out of.  I'm definitely in that last couple of months stage!

I just want to encourage all you belly-bump mamas!! Enjoy this time when the world WANTS to see your tummy! ha!  They expect you to have a growing belly and are so excited for you!  For once we don't have to hide our muffin tops (ok, yeah, that's another reason I like wearing cardigans... they definitely hide the muffin!), or feel insecure about having a pooch!  It's a growing baby!! So enjoy it ♥ 

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