{mamahood thoughts...}

Today is a day I'm tempted to think I'm getting this mom at home thing figured out!! 

Today my toddler has made me feel like the toddler whisperer!!! 

Anyone else let a two year old dictate their mood and how you feel about your mom skills? Um. Me?! Pretty much every day. It's something I need to work on for sure!! 

But today - the toddler is sleeping. The dishes & kitchen have remained clean all day. I've somehow still had time to use teachable moments & read lots of books!!! I even got mommy things done: like phone calls about our old matress pick up (seriously - what do people do with their old mattresses?!), appointments made, and address lists made. We found a good rhythm today!!

It's these days we must celebrate and write down - because these days are golden. The days that make the fit throwing, exhausted, food stained clothes, no shower days oh so more than  worth it!!


mommy golden find:  Harper is obsessed with a couple of YouTube videos!! One being a Jesus loves me lullabye!! It's pure magic friends!!!!! Nap time is sooo easy with it!! 

a new mommy/daddy rule: nap time is two hours. No matter if she sleeps that long or not. & it's saving our sanity!!! My brilliant hubby!! 

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