{I get paid for this....}

I've talked so much lately about how I love staying home with my girl (soon to be girls) and how blessed I am, which is so true!!

But I do feel the need to also be thankful for the job I put a few hours into every week as well!! 

They help me keep my sanity. 

I am so blessed & God is so good!! When  I do get up and leave the house to work I get to head right down the road, not even a mile, to our church and contribute to a ministry I believe so strongly in!!!... Not to mention it's fun!! 

Gods hand on my life to get me here - to motherhood. To staying home. To working at our church. All of it. It's just amazing!! 

So as I sit here, sipping my Starbucks that my hubby brought me in the snow, by a warm cozy fireplace- I will just remain in my thankfulness. Because yes. I have the very best of both worlds. 

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