{honesty time...}

Ok. Honest blog time. 

It's Saturday morning. Husband is already at work. I've told Harper to leave the dog/cat/vacuum/chips (the list goes on) alone, what seems ten jillion times. She's been in time out 4 times already!!! She usually isn't in time out that much in one day! They are becoming less and less effective. What's next??? 

Today is a day I need an attitude adjustment fast!! Like 2hours ago! 

I should've known when the morning started with Harper flailing her head at my cheek bone with the force of a million grown men!! 

I feel stressed - our baby will be here in a matter of a couple months, our house is a mess (ok not really too bad) but I feel like it just needs to be CLEANED (nesting much?!) but every inch of me is sore because Hayden is pushing and shoving and prodding me. 

Which leads me to my next freak out thought... How am I going to do this mom thing with a newborn & Harper?! I love her, she's perfect but she can be a handful!! 

So I had a little cry - a little (ok a lot) of coffee, & now Harper and I are cuddling and watching Sophia!! Deep breaths!! 

Here's to mom life! The prefect days and the not so perfect days ... And the days you just feel like you need to start over!! 

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