{28 & 29 weeks}

28 weeks... and the only picture Rob got of me
without Harper begging me to hold her ♥
wow. i can't believe time is flying by so quickly!!  March seems to be getting closer and closer!... like scary, yet super exciting close!  Hayden is SO active!... maybe it's all the caffeine? ha.  i'm joking.  kind of.

but in all seriousness... i feel like she's already running out of room!  i told rob last night that i don't remember getting these kind of jabs and full on spring board kicks from Harper until the last month.  this girl is strong!!! i know i've gained weight... i can see it in my face and well... of course the belly bump, but i feel like rather than that i haven't gained much.  we will see in a couple weeks at our next doctors appointment (yeah. we don't own a scale. ha!)  Hayden seems to be more in my ribs than Harper ever was!   People have started saying, "wow I am finally starting to believe your pregnant" or "it's about time that baby belly started showing"... so apparently I've "popped" haha.  She's pushing out front again, making a cute little basketball and I'm loving it!!!

And talk about out of breath!! i feel like i need to stretch my body out or push her down sometimes to breathe.  it's craziness.  i'm enjoying all her movement though!  all these lasts... they break my heart yet my heart overflows all at the same time! 

Time is flying and the bump is growing!!!

we continue to jump into planning mode.  even though we are holding off on big decoration decisions until much later.  see my last post about how hard this is for me, ha!  but we continue to look for bed frames for Harper.  i think i found one at walmart (cheap!!) that i like.. we'll see. it's kind of going a different direction than i had originally planned. 
but oh, so cute!

there's not really much else new on the pregnancy front.  i go in for my glucose test next week.  ugh.  i'm really hoping my sugar dropping doesn't wreak havoc on me like it did last time. 

Harper continues to seem to understand more and more that baby Hayden or baby sisterrrr is coming before too long.  every once in awhile she will tell me something isn't baby Hayden's or isn't baby's.  ha.  this could be interesting.  our little princess.  i'm honestly not too sure how she's going to do about sharing mama! but for her birthday we have a whole 'baby set' for her... so hopefully that will help - she can do all the same things with her baby as mam is with baby Hayden.  fingers crossed!!! ♥

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