{transitioning back to blogger}

I've been working for the past month or so, transitioning back to blogger from wordpress.  There are several reasons, that I won't really go into. 
I like the options blogger gives me, without charging me any additional fees. 

I played around with weebly some, trying to decide between that and blogger.  It then hit me... blogger has all my posts, minus the last two years!  Why wouldn't I just go back to them and slowly, but surely pull all my posts from wordpress that are missing over to blogger? Let me tell you... it is no small task!  Blogger doesn't read a wordpress export file, so there's no quick and simple way to do it!
My goal was to get a month + pulled over, then start using blogger again.  So here we are...

I'll continue to work on pulling more over in my not so free time ;) 

Thanks for following along on the ride of my blog switching... go figure that I'd end up back with blogger after switching to wordpress 2 years ago.  So typical Carrie ♥

I will keep my old wordpress blog up for a while until I get it all pulled over.  Feel free to access that here!

xoxo ♥

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